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Lineage Quests Walkthrough

Class Quests

1st Class Quest Transfer To Quest 1
(Level 35)
Quest 2
(Level 37)
Quest 3
(Level 39)

3rd Class Change Quests

These quests begin when you hit level 76. Once completed you can change to your 3rd class immediately.

2nd Class Name Human 3rd Class Name Human 3rd Class Change Quest (Level 76) Human
Dark Avenger
Treasure Hunter

2nd Class Name Elf 3rd Class Name Elf 3rd Class Change Quest (Level 76) Elf
Temple Knight
Sword Singer
Plains Walker
Silver Ranger
Mystic Muse
Saga of the Mystic Muse
Elemental Summoner
Elemental Master
Saga of the Elemental Master
Elven Elder
Eva's Saint
Saga of the Eva's Saint

2nd Class Name Dark Elf 3rd Class Name Dark Elf 3rd Class Change Quest (Level 76) Dark Elf
Shillien Knight
Abyss Walker
Phantom Ranger
Phantom Summoner
Shillien Elder

2nd Class Name Orc 3rd Class Name Orc 3rd Class Change Quest (Level 76) Orc
Saga of the Titan

2nd Class Name Dwarf 3rd Class Name Dwarf 3rd Class Change Quest (Level 76) Dwarf
Bounty Hunter

Kamael Male - 2nd Job Change
1st Job Name 2nd Job Name 2nd Job Quest 3rd Job Name 3rd Job Quest

Kamael Female - 2nd Job Change
1st Job Name 2nd Job Name 2nd Job Quest 3rd Job Name 3rd Job Quest


Players who have leveled a subclass to level 75 and have completed the quest for it, may become a Noblesse. Players who have become a member of the Noblesse are bestowed with special skills or abilities [L2Center's notes: no, not weapon SA's...] The majority of them are skills used for sieges and raids. Noblesse, with the use of these skills, can lead the raids. When one becomes Noblesse, the main class and subclasses all become Noblesse. The Noblesse-specific skills may also be used by the main and all subclasses.


Noblesse Skills
  • Fortune of Noblesse: Blesses the party with a fortune that reduces their chance of dropping items when dying to a raid boss. Uses 275 MP.
  • Blessing of Noblesse: Allows target to retain buffs upon death. However, Bless of Noblesse and Fortune status disappear. Uses 5 spirit ore.
  • Symphony of Noblesse: Draws from the power of 8 forces to launch a strong AoE attack. Uses 80 MP.
  • Harmony of Noblesse: Draws from the power of 4 elemetns to launch a strong AoE attack. Uses 50 MP.
  • Strider Siege Assault: Strider performs strong attack on Castle door, wall. Can only be used when on a stired. Power 5627.
  • Summon CP Potion: Summons 20 CP postions. Uses 40 soul ore.
  • Build Advanced Headquarters: Builds headquarters with 2x HP in siege. Advanced Headquarters also heal friendly members and applies damage to enemies. Uses 300 C Grade gemstones.
  • Noblesses get added selection to places they can port to at the gatekeeper, including all Catacombs and Necropoli as well as floors 3,5,7,10,13 of ToI.
  • Noblesses receive a Noblesse Tiara upon finishing their Noblesse quest.


Proof of Alliance (for Clan Level 4)

Although the other clan members can partcipate in this quest, only the clan leader can initiate it. This walkthrough is addressed to your clan leader. 1. Talk to Sir Kristof Rodemai (Giran). He is seeking a clan leader to restore order in the kingdom, but he cannot join forces with someone whose skills are yet unproven. He recommends Witch Kalis's test; if you succeed, he will award you the Proof of Alliance that allows your clan to increase to Clan Level 4. 2. Find Witch Kalis, southeast of the Ivory Tower in the cementery (95K, 22K). Bring 3 loyal clan members; they will have to die for you. Don't try to skimp and bring low levels! They have a lot to accomplish that requires power, speed and knowledge. 3. Takl to Witch Kalis. 4. Your 3 clan members talk to the Statue of Offering. They all die, and each gets a Mark of Loyalty. 5. Collect the Marks from your clan members, then talk to the Witch Kalis again. 6. She has you drink poison. The poison takes 50 HP a tick and doesn't allow you to move. You're going to need a lot of healing to stay alive until the the conclusion of this quest. 7. Witch Kalis tells you what your clan members need to collect for the poison antitode. The clan members who died for you must collect it. 8. One must hunt Vanor Silenos Shamans (north the Tower of Insolence) until he gets an Herb Of Vanor. 9. The second must hunt Harit Lizardman Shamans (south of the Forest of Mirrors) until he gets an Herb Of Harit. 10. The third must hunt Oel Mahum Witch Doctors (north of the circular path north of Ivory Tower) until he gets an Herb Of Oel Mahum. 11. At least one of the tree clan members must go to Witch Athrea; she is north and a bit west or Hardin's Academy in the Valley of Dragons (102K, 103K). They can teleport from Giran to Hardin's, which places them about a 20-second run from Athrea. However they get there, it's recommanded that they visit her before the quest so they don't lose time tracking her down once you're on the clock. And more then one of them might want to go, as kill-speed is an issue. 12. Athrea plays a game with the clan member(s). She summons 16 chests and the members must destroy (by hitting) the chests until they find 4 of them say "bingo" when they destroy them. They have 1 minute to find all four. 13. If they complete the game successfully she gives them the Blood Of Eva. If not it costs 10,000 adena for another turn. 14. The members return to you at Witch Kalis and give you the 3 herbs and the Blood Of Eva. 15. Talk to Kalis and she cures you. Return to Sir Kristof Rodemai. (It also costs you 120,000 SP to get your Proof of Alliance.) 15. You can now upgrade your clan to Level 4 if you have 1.4 million SP.

Proof of Aspiration (for Clan Level 5)

1. Talk to Sir Gustaf Athebaldt (Oren). He expresses his desire to aid young and courageous leaders for the future of the kingdom. He promises to give you the Proof of Expectation, which is needed when expanding the clan's powers and influences, should you consent to joining forces with him. Sir Athebaldt asks you to aid him in preparing for the attack against the green dragon Antharas. 2. Talk to Martien (Giran). 3. Martien asks you to collect eggs: Thunder Wyrm eggs, Drake eggs, Blitz Wyrm eggs and Mist Drake eggs. 4. Hunt Thunder Wyrms and Drakes for the first 2 sets of eggs, around the middle part of the Valley of Dragons. 5. Find Corpse of Fritz in the Valley of Dragons; it is under the "D" in "Dragons" on the in game map (104K, 117K). Get 3 Blitz Wyrm Eggs and 2 Blitz Wyrms will appear; kill them. 6. Find Corpse of Lutz; it is above the "s" in "Dragons" (112K, 113K). Get 3 Blitz Wyrm Eggs and 4 Mist Drake eggs. This also spawns 2 Blitz Wyrms. 7. Find Corpse of Kurtz; it is north of the entrance to Antharas' Lair (125K, 110K). Get 6 Mist eggs and a Brooch for his brother. 8. Talk to Head Blacksmith Kusto (Giran). He gives you a Black Anvil Coin for the Brooch. 9. Return to Martien, and then go back to Sir Gustaf again. 10. Talk to Balthazar (Hunters' Village). 11. Go to the Giant's Cave. Hunt Lesser Giant Soldiers and Lesser Giant Scouts for 10 Power Stones and 10 Nebulite Crystals. 12. Return to Balthazar, then go back to Sir Gustaf again. 13. Talk to Sir Eric Rodemai (Aden). 14. Rodemai sends you to Witch Cleo, across the bridge east of Aden (161K, 21K). 15. Return to Sir Eric Rodemai. 16. Go to the Graveyard and kill Grave Guards until Grave Key Keepers appear. Get 6 keys. 17. Now go just slightly north of "The" in "The Graveyard" (170K, 18K) to find the Imperial Gravekeeper. He is extremely strong, and it will take quite a few members of your clan to defeat him. After he drops below half of his HP he will start teleporting your members away. He also summons 4 Imperial Slaves at a time. 18. After you defeat him, an Imperial Coffer appears. Your clan leader must have all 6 keys to open it. 19. Return to Sir Eric, then to Sir Gustaf; give him the Scepterto Judgment. In return you get 250k SP and the Proof of Aspiration.

Strider Quest

If you don't have a clan house with an incubator and you took yer hatchling to level 55 there is a way to make your hatchling a strider. Keep in mind, you will probably need a party of folks to be able to complete it. The guy who first completed it recommends something like his party, an Elder, a Shillien Knight, a Treasure Hunter, and 3 Bishops. The quest starts with the same guy who tells you how to get the hatchling, Sage Cronos, who is in Hunter's Village. He is going to send you back to see yer good old bud Fairy Mymyu. You can reach Mymyu from the Ivory Tower side more easily than from the Hunter village side, so just go through the northern Enchanted valley entrance and you should find Mymyu at the first waterfall. Once you get the strider quest from Mymyu, you will see 4 tree leaves in yer quest inventory. You will need to seek out the 4 Fairy Trees that produced these leaves, the trees of the Abyss, of Wind, of Twighlight, and of Star. There are 5 Soul Spirits protecting the first tree (sorry I dunno how the mob translates because I have never run into them in Fairy Valley), and once that tree is destroyed it only respawns once every hour. If the tree dies, 10- 15 Soul Spirits come out and target yer hatchling. The hatchling will have to constantly be healed while you dispose of them, and I think he says something like the quest person can neither strike the tree or the Soul Spirits. (Thus the need for a party of healers to complete this quest). You will have to find the other trees, if you haven't seen the Tree of the Abyss before, it is in the south west side below the second picture at the link at the bottom. The art of the quest doesn't lie in being a high level or having the best equipment, but in heals, buffs, and plain old know how on not dying in the middle of the quest while keeping yer hatchling alive. Apparently the quest might require you to attack the trees in a certain order and if that is not done, then the quest will cease. I am not sure if he says you can't kill the tree, or if he just recommends against it because of the additional spawns, but apparently he completed the quest without killing any of the trees, I don't know what the trigger point is for the leaf to disappear though. The good news is, gettting the trees is all the same. You don't have to change your strategy from one to the next. If you successfully get one tree, when you go to the next one, you will be able to take it the same way. Go to the site at the bottom for pictures of the trees, I can't post dynamic links on the envision board, sorry. The reporter also said something like if you don't do the trees correctly, when you meet Mymyu, the quest will be over. (unsuccessfully?) Lastly, when you go back to click on Mymyu after doing everything correctly, yer summoned hatchling will disappear and yer strider will appear. Lastly, he gives a summary of the things you gotta remember: 1. It is easy to nullify the quest at any time, so be careful! 2. In order to not kill the tree, make sure you observe it's HP the whole time. 3. Make sure the person actually performing the quest never never and absolutely never so much as breathes on the tree! 4. If one of the buffing or healing member of the party get poisoned, just wait til it wears off. 5. Be wary about giving the hatchling haste and guidance buffs ( I dunno if this means don't give them or wait til a certain point to give them). 6. Don't forget to bring enough food to feed yer little piggy the whole time that the quest goes on, yer hatchling will still get hungry!!! For all of you Korean speakers out there, I am fully aware that my 2 semesters of Korean are prolly not good enough to translate this quest accurately, so if you can help me out by posting corrections, the quest link is on Game About. I will try to edit in the corrections as they come in.