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Skills - Human Archmage

Human Archmage
Skill Name (Level) Type MP Consume Range SP Cost Description
Level 76
Sigil Mastery Sigil Mastery (1) - - 12500000 (no description yet)
Expertise S Expertise S (5) Passive 0 0 Free You become familiar with S-Grade equipment.
Wisdom Wisdom (1) Passive 0 0 15000000 Increases resistance to Hold, Sleep, and Mental attacks.
Level 77
Fire Vortex Fire Vortex (1) (spellbook) Active
105 900 18000000 Creates a vortex that connects to the dimension of fire. While launching a fire attack, it instantly decreases the enemy's resistance to fire attack, Speed, Atk. Spd. And Casting Spd at the same time. Decreases MP continuously. Over-hit is possible. Power 140.
Skill Mastery Skill Mastery (1) Passive 0 0 18000000 Masters excellence in skills. Low possibility of being able to reuse skills without delay or doubles the duration. Influenced by INT.
Level 78
Arcane Chaos Arcane Chaos (1) (spellbook) Active
72 600 21340000 Instantly decreases an enemy's resistance to buff canceling attacks and resistance to debuff attacks. Increases MP consumption of physical and magic skills. MP is continuously decreased.
Arcane Roar Arcane Roar (1) Passive 0 0 21340000 Increases resistance to elemental attacks and increases magic power.
Arcane Power Arcane Power (1) Toggle 36 0 21340000 Significantly increases M. Atk. power, but at an increased MP cost per skill. HP will be continuously consumed while in effect.
Level 79
Count of Fire Count of Fire (1) (spellbook) Active 109 0 80000000 Uses the power of fire to inflict temporary burns on a target.
Fire Vortex Buster Fire Vortex Buster (1) (spellbook) Active 108 0 80000000 Detonates a enemy's Fire Vortex. Effective only on targets with an active Fire Vortex spell.
Level 80
Volcano Volcano (1) (spellbook) Active 0 0 150000000 Consecutive strikes inflict a great amount of fire damage. You cannot move while casting the magic, and additional MP is consumed every time the effect is produced. Level 3 or higher Spell Force required. Consumes 1 Magic Symbol.
Expertise S80 Expertise S80 (6) Passive 0 0 Free You become familiar with S80-Grade equipment.
Level 81
Enlightement Enlightement (1) - - Free (no description yet)
Magician Will Magician Will (1) - - Free (no description yet)
Flame Armor Flame Armor (1) Active 0 0 Free Enclose body with burning barrier. Increase resistance to fire attacks and burns enemy.
Meteor Meteor (1) Active 0 0 Free Drops a meteor that does intense fire damage to enemies within range.
Level 82
Protection of Alignment Protection of Alignment (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase resistance to characteristic attacks, and instantly increase additional resistance to characteristic attacks if serious damage is caused.
Protection of Elemental Protection of Elemental (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase resistance to elemental attacks, and instantly increase additional resistance to elemental attacks if serious damage is caused.
Protection of Rune Protection of Rune (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase M. Def., and instantly increase additional M. Def. if serious damage is caused.