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Skills - Human PhoenixKnight

Human PhoenixKnight
Skill Name (Level) Type MP Consume Range SP Cost Description
Level 76
Expertise S Expertise S (5) Passive 0 0 Free You become familiar with S-Grade equipment.
Health Health (1) Passive 0 0 10000000 Increases resistance to Poison and Bleed.
Wisdom Wisdom (1) Passive 0 0 10000000 Increases resistance to Hold, Sleep, and Mental attacks.
Fortitude Fortitude (1) Toggle 35 0 10000000 Increases resistance to Shock/Paralysis attacks significantly. Continuously consumes MP.
Level 77
Shield Slam Shield Slam (1) Active 70 40 13000000 A shield attack that interrupts an enemy's physical attack and causes them to lose their target. Requires a shield.
Vengeance Vengeance (1) Active 105 0 13000000 Instantly increase resistance to P.Def/M.Def debuff attacks. Provokes nearby enemies to target the caster. Immobilized while in effect. A shield has to be equipped to use this skill. Power 7987. Effect 3.
Level 78
Physical Mirror Physical Mirror (1) Active 71 0 21340000 A shield power that reflects back buffs/debuffs one receives from physical skill attacks. Requires a shield.
Touch of Life Touch of Life (1) Active 0 40 21340000 Sacrifices one's own HP to bestow a sacred blessing on another character, restoring lost HP. Also temporarily but significantly increases HP regeneration, resistance to debuff attacks, debuff attacks and the effect of one's own HP regeneration magic.
Knighthood Knighthood (1) Passive 0 0 21340000 Increases P. Def. when wearing heavy armor. Shield defense is increased.
Level 79
Iron Shield Iron Shield (1) Active 43 0 80000000 Increases shield defense power with a certain chance when attacked.
Shield of Faith Shield of Faith (1) Active 43 0 80000000 Shield of Faith that protects party members. Maximizes P. Def. and M. Def. for affected party members and absorbs most of the damage they will receive while active.
Soul of the Phoenix Soul of the Phoenix (1) (spellbook) Active 250 0 80000000 Grants you the ability to revive yourself from death with full health, retaining all buffs/debuffs except for Noblesse Blessing and Lucky Charm. Consumes 1 Blood of the Phoenix.
Level 80
Symbol of Defense Symbol of Defense (1) (spellbook) Active 0 0 150000000 Generates a symbol that maximizes the defense abilities of those nearby. Applies to all targets within the affected area. The effect disappears if you leave the area. Level 2 or higher Battle Force required. Consumes 1 Battle Symbol.
Expertise S80 Expertise S80 (6) Passive 0 0 Free You become familiar with S80-Grade equipment.
Level 81
Deflect Magic Deflect Magic (1) - - Free (no description yet)
Anti-magic Armor Anti-magic Armor (1) Active 0 0 Free Instantly increase magic resistance.
Archers Will Archers Will (1) Active 0 0 Free P. Atk increases when using bow/crossbow and when attacking with bow/crossbow, both accuracy and shooting distance increase instantly.
Fighters Will Fighters Will (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase P. Atk. and Atk. Spd. when using a short-range weapon.
Flame Icon Flame Icon (1) Active 0 0 Free By receiving the Will of the Phoenix momentarily, it drastically increases the fighting ability of party members. The effectiveness of HP recovery magic is drastically decreased while the effect lasts.
Sixth Sense Sixth Sense (1) Active 0 0 Free When stamina is almost used up, the sense reaches its peak. Increases Evasion when HP is lower than 30 percent.
Spirit of Phoenix Spirit of Phoenix (1) Active 0 0 Free Share Phoenix's soul and yours. Soul of Phoenix expands with a fixed rate when being attacked. Additional effects appear as it expands.
Level 82
Protection of Alignment Protection of Alignment (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase resistance to characteristic attacks, and instantly increase additional resistance to characteristic attacks if serious damage is caused.
Protection of Elemental Protection of Elemental (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase resistance to elemental attacks, and instantly increase additional resistance to elemental attacks if serious damage is caused.
Protection of Rune Protection of Rune (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase M. Def., and instantly increase additional M. Def. if serious damage is caused.
Level 83
Summon Imperial Phoenix Summon Imperial Phoenix (1) - - Free (no description yet)