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Soultaker - Class Quest

Class Quests

Saga of the Soultaker (Succession to the Legend, Soultaker)
by hasan2

Starting Level: 76
Starting Location: Hardin’s Private Academy
Starting NPC: Hardin
Classes: Before the Quest: Necromancer
               After the Quest   : Soultaker
 Repeatable: Yes
 Party/Solo:   Party
 Reward:        XP, 5m Adena, Completition of the third class transfer to Soultaker and Secret Book of Giants

1 Start the quest by talking to Hardin Hardin location on the map in Hardin’s Private Academy.

2. He sends you to Goddard Castle Town to High Priest Gregory.

3. Gregory sends you off to Hot Springs Area to Information Broker Bavarin Bavarin location on the map who has some information on Tablet of Visions.


4. Bavarin tells you that he will help you if you bring him an Ice crystal (Cryolite) from Chef Jeremy Jeremy location on the map.

Speak to Chef Jeremy Jeremy location on the map in the center of the hot Springs Area near the tents where the mobs are not agro

6. Select the quest The Finest Ingredients Part1 and Chef Jeremy will ask you to hunt:

and collect 50 items from each. (Total 150). After you collect the items go back to Jeremy and he will give you the Ice Crystal (Cryolite). (However because this quest is another quest, it can be started at level 73 so I advise you to start and finish it at that level.)
7. Return the Crystal to Bavarin and he will give you the Ancient Language Dictionary.
8. Now, return to High Priest Gregory in Goddard and he will send you to first Tablet of Vision south of TOI.

tablet of vision

9- Speak to Tablet of Vision there and it will do something to you and to itself like recharge. Now go to the second Tablet of Vision in the Valley of Saints surrounded by female angelic quest mobs.

tablet of vision

10. Speak to Tablet of Vision. Then kill all the angels here (bring some potion they are very easy to solo) and you will get Resonance Amulet -2. Now go to the third Tablet of Vision in Wall of Argos.

11. Speak to the Tablet of Vision and Archangel Iconoclasis will spawn and you must kill it solo without any outside help or healing or it will disappear. It will also spawn some balls with name Hell Fire. When you kill the Iconoclasis, you will get Resonance Amulet -3 and speak to the Tablet again. Now, go to High Priest Gregory in Goddard.
12. Gregory says he needs a Divine Stone of Wisdom which you can get by allying either with Ketra Orcs or with Varka Silenos. I chose The Ketra Orcs.

13. If you choose the Orcs, go to Ketra Orc Outpost and speak to Ketra's Messenger Wahkan . select the Alliance with Ketra Orcs quest.

Detailed info of the Alliance with the Ketra Orcs quest.

14. Wahkan will ask you to hunt

You will get Varka’s Badge Soldier. Collect 100 Varka’s Badge Soldiers and get them back to Wahkan.

15. You will get mark of Ketra’s Ally Level 1 and Ketra Orcs will no more agro you. Now go and collect 200 Varka’s Badge Soldiers and 100 Varka’s badge Captains.

Get the 200 Ketra's Badge Soldier

For the 100 Ketra's Badge Captains hunt any of those:

16. Get the badges back to Wahkan and you will get Mark of Ketra’s Ally Level 2.

17. Now it is time to switch quests. Select the Magical power of Water Part 1 from the list.
18. Now Wahkan sends you to Ketra Orc Village in the center of Ketra Orc Outpost. It won’t be hard to get to village because Ketra’s won’t agro you. However if you ever harm a Ketra Orc your alliance level will be downgraded 1 level and the alliance will be broken. Speak to Soul Guide Asefa Asefa location on the map here.
19. Asefa Asefa location on the map will ask you to go to Varka Silenos Village and steal the green totem from Udan Mardui's Box Udan Mardui. You should also buy a key of thief from the shop because the box is locked.
20. Got to Varka Silenos area. However you mustn’t be seen by any Varka Silenos or you will be cursed. So the best idea is that port to Devil’s Pass from Rune and from mountains reach the village which is near there. Speak to the box immediately and get the Green Totem. Now go back to Asefa Asefa location on the map.
21- Asefa will thank you and will give you the Divine Stone of Wisdom. Now go back to High Priest Gregory in Goddard.

22- Gregory will send you to fourth tablet of Vision north of Varka Silenos Outpost.

23. Speak to the Tablet of Vision and go back to High Priest Gregory in Goddard. He tells you that Resonance Amulet - 5 is in possession of Archon of Halisha which is inside the Four Sepulchers. However you mustn’t go there alone. Or if you prefer you can go to the Shrine of Loyal and hunt all monsters here. (easier than trying to get through the four sepulchers).

Collect 700 Marks of Halisha and when you kill the 701 Archon of Halisha will appear. Solo him.(very easy)

24. When you kill Archon of Halisha, you will get Resonance Amulet-5. Now go and speak to fifth Tablet of Vision in Wall of Argos.

25. Speak to the fifth Tablet of Vision and it will send you to the center of Forest of Dead where the sixth and last Tablet of Vision is.

26. Speak to the Tablet of Vision. Then, a quest monster and a NPC will appear. Speak to the NPC immediately then help the NPC kill the Quest Monster. (the quest monster may disappear when it has very low HP)

27. When the monster died or disappears, speak to the NPC and you will get Resonance Amulet – 6. Now speak to the Tablet of Vision again.

28. You have now communed with all Tablets of Vision. Now go back to Hardin Hardin location on the map in Hardin’s Private Academy.
29. Talk to Hardin and………


Special thanks to hasan2 for the quest guide !