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Skills - Human Duelist

Human Duelist
Skill Name (Level) Type MP Consume Range SP Cost Description
Level 76
Expertise S Expertise S (5) Passive 0 0 Free You become familiar with S-Grade equipment.
Health Health (1) Passive 0 0 10000000 Increases resistance to Poison and Bleed.
Wisdom Wisdom (1) Passive 0 0 10000000 Increases resistance to Hold, Sleep, and Mental attacks.
Level 77
Eye of Hunter Eye of Hunter (1) Active 70 0 12250000 Temporarily increases P. Atk against insects/plants/animals.
Skill Mastery Skill Mastery (1) Passive 0 0 12250000 Masters excellence in skills. Low possibility of being able to reuse skills without delay or doubles the duration. Influenced by STR.
Riposte Stance Riposte Stance (1) Toggle 35 0 12250000 Uses weapon to reflect incoming attacks. It reflects the damage received and has a chance to reflect buff/debuff skill attacks. The damage received through skill use and remote attack are excluded. Moving speed, Atk. Spd. and Accuracy are decreased. MP will be continuously consumed while in effect.
Level 78
Sonic Rage Sonic Rage (1) Active 5 600 16000000 Dual Swords attack that emits a beam to strike a distant target while gathering force for use in other special attack skills. Force can be gathered up to level 7. Critical hit is possible. Requires a dual-sword weapon.
Braveheart Braveheart (1) Active 57 0 16000000 Recovers CP by increasing combat spirit. Power 1000.
Eye of Slayer Eye of Slayer (1) Active 71 0 16000000 Temporarily increases P. Atk. against the beasts/magic creatures/giants/dragons.
Master of Combat Master of Combat (1) Passive 0 0 16000000 Increases the attack strength of a sword, blunt weapon, polearm, dual-bladed or hand-to-hand combat weapon. Also increases Max. CP.
Level 79
Sonic Barrier Sonic Barrier (1) Active 0 0 80000000 Uses sonic force to create a temporary protective barrier that is impervious to normal strikes, skills, buffs/debuffs. Requires a dual-sword weapon. Level 5 Sonic Focus charge required.
Sonic Focus Sonic Focus (8) Active 0 0 80000000 Channels force energy for use with other Sonic skills. Requires a sword, blunt weapon, or dual-sword weapon. Can be charged up to Level 8.
Level 80
Symbol of Energy Symbol of Energy (1) (spellbook) Active 0 0 150000000 Generates a symbol that increases P. Atk. and force for those nearby. Applies to all targets within the affected area. The effect disappears if you leave the area. Level 2 or higher Battle Force required. Consumes 1 Battle Symbol.
Expertise S80 Expertise S80 (6) Passive 0 0 Free You become familiar with S80-Grade equipment.
Level 81
Final Secret Final Secret (1) - - Free (no description yet)
Archers Will Archers Will (1) Active 0 0 Free P. Atk increases when using bow/crossbow and when attacking with bow/crossbow, both accuracy and shooting distance increase instantly.
Expose Weak Point Expose Weak Point (1) Active 0 0 Free Give flesh, and take bone. Decrease P. Def. of enemy by weakness exposure, and increase accuracy rate of critical hit of general attack.
Fighters Will Fighters Will (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase P. Atk. and Atk. Spd. when using a short-range weapon.
Weapon Blockade Weapon Blockade (1) Active 0 0 Free Cancel enemy's weapon with dazzling movement. Unable to use weapons while effects last. Need to recharge 2nd stage sword energy. Requires dual weapons.
Level 82
Protection of Alignment Protection of Alignment (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase resistance to characteristic attacks, and instantly increase additional resistance to characteristic attacks if serious damage is caused.
Protection of Elemental Protection of Elemental (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase resistance to elemental attacks, and instantly increase additional resistance to elemental attacks if serious damage is caused.
Protection of Rune Protection of Rune (1) Active 0 0 Free Increase M. Def., and instantly increase additional M. Def. if serious damage is caused.
Level 83
Maximum Sonic Focus Maximum Sonic Focus (1) - - Free (no description yet)