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Ghost Sentinel - Class Quest

Class Quests

Saga of the Ghost Sentinel (Succession to the Legend, Ghost Sentinel) (for Phantom Ranger)

Level: 76
Start Location: Guild President Bernard (Hunters Village)
Classes: Phantom Ranger
Repeatable: No (Party)
Rewards: Ghost Sentinel, Secret Book of Giants; 2,299,404 XP; 5 million adena

~ special thanks to Shalana for this awsome quest guide ! ~

The quest starts at lvl 76, in Hunters Village. Talk to Bernard, the president of The Hunter’s guild.

Ghost Sentinel

He sends you to the Warehouse to talk with Grimst. Grimst wants an Ice Crystal Gemstone, before he gives you the information.

He sends you to Goddard in order to get the stuff from Gedrik, who can be found at the blacksmith. Gedrik happily makes you an ice crystal gemstone, if you bring him an Ice Crystal.

You can get an Ice Crystal from Chef Jeremy, by completing The Finest ingredients Part 1.
The description of the quest is here: Finest Ingredients

When you have the Ice Crystal, return to Gedrik. He creates you the Ice Crystal Gemstone.

Take it to Grimst, who gives you the Resonance Amulet #1

Go to Northern Enchanted Valley, and find the first Tablet of Vision. Talk to it and it takes your amulet.

Go to the Valley of Saints and find the second tablet. When you talk to it, nothing Happens. There are Guardins of The Forbidden Knowledge around there. Kill them all and they give you Resonance Amulet #2

Talk to the Tablet again, it takes your amulet.

The next tablet is near/in the territory of Ketra Orcs. Find the third tablet there, and talk to it. Monument Watcher Ezekiel will spawn.

Finish him, and he gives you Resonance Amulet #3.

Talk to the Tablet again. It takes your amulet.

Now you have to find the Pilgrim of Darkness. His location is marked on your map so it’s not so hard to find him.

He gives you the next resonance amulet, IF you get a Divine stone of Wisdom.
To obtain a Divine Stone of Wisdom, u will need level 2 Alliance with Varka Silenos or Ketra Orcs. U have to choose which side to ally with.

Alliance with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with Varka Silenos
If your alliance level is 2 or higher u can take Magical Power of Water/Magical Power of Fire quest from Wahkan/Naran Ashanuk.

When you have a Divine Stone of Wisdom, return to the Pilgrim of Darkness, who gives you Resonance Amulet #4.

Search the fourth Tablet of Vision. Talk to it, and it takes your amulet.

You have to find the Pilgrim of Darkness again. If you run from Goddard towards Ketra Orc Outpost, you can find him next to a wall.

You must kill Archon Of Halisha in order to get the 5th Resonance Amulet.

You can kill her at Four Sepulchers, but that is really hard.
Or you can go to Shrine of Loyalty and kill 700 mob including:

Each of them drops one Halisha's Mark. If u can get a party, it can be finished very fast. When u have 700 Mark, leave the party and kill one mob. Halisha appears. Kill him, and she drops Resonance Amulet #5

The fifth Tablet of Vision is at Wall of Argos. Go and find it. Talk to it and it takes your amulet. (Surprising, eh?)

To find the last Tablet you must travel to Hunters Village. Leave the village at the „northern” gate, and run until you find a Bridge.

The tablet is on the other side so pass the bridge. It may be hard to find the Tablet but don’t give up. If you have found it talk to it. Winter Hunter Kadyth and Monument Defender Azrael will appear.

Help Kadyth and try to kill Azrael. When he disappears talk to Kadyth, who gives you Resonance Amulet #6

Talk to the last tablet, which takes your amulet.

Return to Hunters Village and talk to Bernard.

Congratulations, You are a Ghost Sentinel Very Happy


Special thanks, Shalana !