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Magical Power Of Water - Quest

Magical Power of Water - Part 1
Start Level: 74
Start NPC: Ketra's Messanger Wahkan
Classes: All
Type: One time only, solo
Rewards: Green Totem, Divine Stone of Wisdom (Item needed for 3rd Class change)

1. To start the quest speak with Wahkan Wahkan location on the map

2. Go to Asefa Asefa location on the map

Note: Don't kill any Ketra Orc on the way becase it will cancel the allience with them.

12. Asefa Asefa location on the map send you to get one totem from the Varka silenost. Buy a Key of Thief from the shop in town and go to Udan Mardui's Box Udan Mardui
Note: Don't kill any silenos on the way , or you will be "seen"
When you are ready go back Asefa Asefa location on the map and she will give you Divine Stone Of Wisdom Divine Stone Of Wisdom.