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Magical Power Of Fire - Quest

Magical Power of Fire - Part 1

3rd Class Change quest
Start lvl:
Location: Varka Silenos Outpost
NPC: Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk
Type: One Time Only / Solo
Rewards: Red Totem, Divine Stone of Wisdom (quest item for 3rd Class Change)

1. Start the quest by speaking with Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk Naran Ashanuk location on the map Select the “Magical Power of Fire - Part 1” quest from him.

2. Ashanuk tells you to go meet with Soul Guide Udan Mardui Udan Mardui location on the map. You will not run into a lot of aggro mobs since you are allied with the silenos.

ATTENTION: If you just hit any Varkas on your way your alliance will be broken! Also if someone from your party kill a Varka, you also will lose a level in your alliance membership. You can kill animals that agro you (since they are not varka, because varka will not attack you cause you are in ally). Or you can follow another group but you must be out of the party .

3. Udan Mardui send you to get one totem from the Ketra Orcs. Buy a Key of Thief from the shop in town

4. Go to Box Of Asefa Box Of Asefa location on the map and open it with the key - you will get Stolen Red Totem Stolen Red Totem

5. Return to Soul Guide Udan Mardui Udan Mardui location on the map in Varka Silenos Outpost to finish part 1 of the quest.

As reward he gives you