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Stolen Dignity - Quest

Stolen Dignity
Start Level :58
Start Location: Town of Aden
Type: Repeatable, Party
Rewards: Chance of A-grade weapon components
Races: All
Classes: All

1. To start the quest talk with Warehouse Frieghtman Romp in the Aden Warehouse. He asks that you to hunt mobs to retrieve Stolen Infernium Ore. You can play bingo with him and win A grade weapon parts.

2. Hunt ANY of those mobs. Once you obtain 100 of these, return to romp to play bingo.

You will receive solen infernium ore in your regular, not quest, inventory (so you can trade, setup shop, store them in warehouse, etc.).

Blazing Swamp

Forbidden Gateway

Forsaken Plains

Ancient Battlegrounds

Under Giants Cave

3. After you get 100 or more Stolen Infernium Ore go and talk to Romp and start to play. Pick 6 numbers!

If you get three sets of three in a row (so you need to get a diagonal, a row and a column), you will obtain a set of 4 A-grade weapon components (the type is random).

If you are so bad at bingo that you don't get ANY sets of three in a row, he will take pity at you for being so unlucky and give you a set of 10 A-grade weapon components (the type is random).

If you get neither of these two, you win nothing because you lost at bingo but didn't lose bad enough to make him pity you.