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Make A Sewing Kit - Quest

Start Level: 60
Start Location: Tower of Aden
Type Rewards: Sewing Kit (For Please Make Me Formal Wear Quest)
Races All, Classes All

This quest has 5 parts. To finish it you need to finish all these quests:

Please Make Me Formal Wear! - Main quest
In Search of Cloth
Find Glittering Jewelry!
Make a Sewing Kit
Make a Pair of Dress Shoes

Items needed for all the quests
Adena 500,000
Suede 3,000
Thread 5,600
Oriharukon 15
Silver Nuggets 500
Thons 150
Artisan Frame 10
Leather 200

1. Talk with Head Blacksmith Ferris in Aden Castle Town inside the Blacksmith Shop.

2. He needs 5 ore and ask you to hunt Enchanted Iron Golems at Ivory Tower.

3. When you get 5 ore go back toFerris

4. He asks for 10 oriharukons and 10 artisan frames.

5. Gove him the materials and ge gives you the Sewing Kit.