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Tiberias (22)

Bare Hands (1)
HP Increase (1x) (1)
MP Increase (1x) (1)
Raid Boss (1)
If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more levels higher than the raid monster, then the item/adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more levels, the monster will drop nothing at all. Resist Full Magic Attack (1) Average M. Atk. (11)
Average M. Def. (11)
Average P. Atk. (11)
Average P. Def. (11)
Boss Petrification Resistance (1)
Resist against Petrification. Kamael (25)
Battle race who have been sealed for a long time, and their origin is unknown. Their military-like classes and unique battle abilities cannot be copied by other races. NPC - Soul Emission (2) NPC Strike (2) Raid Boss - Level 22 (1)
Past the secure entrance to this large cavern waits Mother Nornil, the ruler of Nornil's Garden. Standard Type (2)

Passive male, Exp: 225568, SP: 18408, HP: 31107, P.Atk: 97, M.Atk: 41, RunSpd: 109, Atk.Range: 40

Minions: Garden Guard (22) (2-2) Garden Guard location on the map  |  Garden Guard (22) (2-4) Garden Guard location on the map
Item Name Crystals (Grade) Chance
(none found)