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Boss Akata (30)   Boss Akata location on the map Location

HP Increase (1x) (1)
MP Increase (1x) (1)
Raid Boss (1)
If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more levels higher than the raid monster, then the item/adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more levels, the monster will drop nothing at all. Resist Full Magic Attack (1) Average M. Atk. (11)
Average M. Def. (11)
Average P. Atk. (11)
Average P. Def. (11)
BOSS Strike (3) Humanoids (6)
They have two arms, two legs, and they walk upright. Culture and communal life varies by race. One-handed Sword (3)
Raid Boss - Level 30 (1)
His exploits are famous among Wererats. After assigning the South to the Sukar Wererats, he and a group of followers journeyed north in search of wealth. Unlike other Wererats, he possesses an enterprising spirit and began plundering the tombs of Orc tribal chiefs. Chased away by vengeful spirits, now he and his band rob unwary travelers passing through the region. Standard Type (2)

Aggressive male, Exp: 2308288, SP: 111484, HP: 53690, P.Atk: 131, M.Atk: 5, RunSpd: 173, Atk.Range: 40

Minions: Akata's Thug (30) (3-3) Akata's Thug location on the map  |  Akata's Lackey (30) (2-2) Akata's Lackey location on the map
Item Name Crystals (Grade) Chance
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D) Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (D) - 3.71%
Cursed Maingauche Edge Cursed Maingauche Edge (8-22) - 18.13%
Greater Dye Of CON <Con+1 Str-1> Greater Dye Of CON <Con+1 Str-1> (2-6) - 16.68%
Greater Dye Of STR <Str+1 Con-1> Greater Dye Of STR <Str+1 Con-1> (1-3) - 33.36%
Greater Dye Of STR <Str+1 Dex-1> Greater Dye Of STR <Str+1 Dex-1> (2-4) - 22.24%
Maingauche Edge Maingauche Edge (4-12) - 33.99%
Manticore Skin Gaiters Pattern Manticore Skin Gaiters Pattern (24-72) - 28.39%
Manticore Skin Shirt Texture Manticore Skin Shirt Texture (53-157) - 8.33%
Cursed Maingauche Cursed Maingauche 1983 (D) 4.79%
Maingauche Maingauche 1983 (D) 4.79%
Manticore Skin Gaiters Manticore Skin Gaiters (4-12) 199 (D) 3.98%
Manticore Skin Shirt Manticore Skin Shirt 318 (D) 19.95%