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Ketra's Commander Tayr (80)   Ketra's Commander Tayr location on the map Location

HP Increase (1x) (1)
MP Increase (1x) (1)
Raid Boss (1)
If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more levels higher than the raid monster, then the item/adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more levels, the monster will drop nothing at all. Raid Boss - Level 84 (1)
This merciless and reckless warrior has led the Ketra Orcs for many years. A born gambler, he prefers direct action to elaborate plans, and personally leads his troops from the front line during an attack. He has faced Varka's Commander Mos twice, winning one of the contests, and is eager for a rematch. Resist Full Magic Attack (1) Hold (9)
You are immobilized, as if rooted to the ground by an unseen force. Average M. Atk. (11)
Average M. Def. (11)
Average P. Atk. (11)
Average P. Def. (11)
Humanoids (6)
They have two arms, two legs, and they walk upright. Culture and communal life varies by race. One-handed Sword (3)
Standard Type (2)

Passive male, Exp: 3775961, SP: 557272, HP: 325022, P.Atk: 2521, M.Atk: 547, RunSpd: 279, Atk.Range: 40

Minions: Tayr's Aide (80) (3-3) Tayr's Aide location on the map  |  Tayr's Guard (80) (1-1) Tayr's Guard location on the map
Item Name Crystals (Grade) Chance
Blessed Scroll Of Resurrection Blessed Scroll Of Resurrection - 56.40%
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S) - 5.01%
Saint Spear Blade Saint Spear Blade (3-9) - 63.83%
Sealed Major Arcana Robe Part Sealed Major Arcana Robe Part (12-36) - 23.95%
Saint Spear Saint Spear 2052 (S) 1/123
Sealed Major Arcana Robe Sealed Major Arcana Robe 748 (S) 1.49%