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Demon Kurikups (59)   Demon Kurikups location on the map Location

Dark Attack (1)
Unleashes a dark attack. HP Increase (1x) (1)
MP Increase (1x) (1)
Raid Boss (1)
If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more levels higher than the raid monster, then the item/adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more levels, the monster will drop nothing at all. Raid Boss - Level 59 (1)
A devil and Beleth's servant living on Devil's Isle. After Beleth disappeared from the world, this devil stopped his own activities and has been taking a long vacation. When the pirates occupied Devil's Isle and became raucous, he woke up and regretted that he didn't wipe out the pirates from Devil's Isle before Zaken became immortal. He is waiting for his master, Beleth, to return. Resist Dark Attack (5)
Resistant to dark attacks. Resist Full Magic Attack (1) Average M. Atk. (11)
Average M. Def. (11)
Average P. Atk. (11)
Average P. Def. (11)
BOSS Flamestrike (6) Demons (9)
This race of darkness opposes the angels. Beings that are changed by the curse of darkness become demons as well. One-handed Sword (3)
Standard Type (2)

Passive male, Exp: 2684275, SP: 381459, HP: 215208, P.Atk: 1099, M.Atk: 179, RunSpd: 295, Atk.Range: 40

Minions: Kurikups' Wife (58) (2-2) Kurikups' Wife location on the map  |  Devil Blader Of Chaos (58) (2-2) Devil Blader of Chaos location on the map
Item Name Crystals (Grade) Chance
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (A) Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (A) - 10.12%
Destruction Tombstone Destruction Tombstone (1-2) - 70.00%
Elemental Sword Edge Elemental Sword Edge (8-22) - 15.93%
Memento Mori Memento Mori (1-4) - 83.00%
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A) - 10.12%
Sealed Dark Crystal Boots Lining Sealed Dark Crystal Boots Lining (116-346) - 2.38%
Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves Design Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves Design (60-180) - 4.57%
Sealed Tallum Boots Lining Sealed Tallum Boots Lining (23-67) - 12.20%
Sealed Tallum Gloves Design Sealed Tallum Gloves Design (16-48) - 17.16%
Tallum Blade Edge Tallum Blade Edge (4-12) - 29.87%
Elemental Sword Elemental Sword 1128 (A) 1/100
Tallum Blade Tallum Blade 1128 (A) 1/100
Sealed Dark Crystal Boots Sealed Dark Crystal Boots 71 (A) 5.26%
Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves 71 (A) 5.26%
Sealed Tallum Boots Sealed Tallum Boots 71 (A) 5.26%
Sealed Tallum Gloves Sealed Tallum Gloves 71 (A) 5.26%