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Soul Crystals absorption list

Crystal stage:
Monster Name Type Crystal Stage Absorb Type
Crystal Stage: 7
Paliote (57) Paliote location on the map Passive 7 Last Hit
Hamrut (58) Hamrut location on the map Aggressive 7 Last Hit

Quick Crystal Leveling Guide

You can get soul crystals of any of the three colors for free (well actually 1 crystal costs 50k SP) by asking the master of the mage guild in Giran, Oren or Aden about Enhance your weapon quest. You will also get a list of mobs on which you can level the soul crystal. Then you have to level up the crystal by yourself. The other way to obtain a soul crystal is to buy it from other players ;)
While talking to NPC about the quest you can receive only 1 crystal at a time. To obtain more you must either drop it on the ground, trade to someone else or put it in warehouse, then talk to NPC again. Of course there is no limit for crystal count you can carry.
Information about what color and stage you need for desired SA for your weapon can be found at Blacksmiths or (of you do not possess the weapon at the moment) a complete list is available here.

Leveling a crystal up to stage 10

Leveling a soul crystal is done by fighting any of the mobs on the list, an when it is at half health or below, use the soul crystal (right click in inventory, or move it to your quick bar and use it from there). No matter who damages the monster, you must use the crystal when HP is below 50% and do the last hit. If monster gets (self)healed, regenerated, etc. and it's HP goes above half hit points, you have to reduce it again and then use the crystal once more. It's up to you do decide if you level the crystals in stages by doing the low crystal levels on low level monsters, and so on, or simply don't waste time and go to harder mobs and do all levels there. If more than one player uses a soul crystal on the monster at the same time, the one who gets last hit is the one that gets a level attempt on that mob. Soul Crystals of lower levels (up to maybe 7) are not that hard to get. Levels 8 and 9 are still manageable. At stage 10, leveling becomes a real pain - prepare yourself to break many dozens of soul crystals before you succeed - actually it's the matter of luck ;)
Important: You must not have more than one soul crystal in your inventory when leveling it, or it won't work. So either drop the unnecessary crystals on the ground somewhere hidden, or give them to a friend to carry them for you.

After the death of the mob, there are four possible results:
- Nothing happens: You have done something wrong: used the crystal too early, didn't get the last hit, low level mob (deep blue), wrong mob or you don't have the quest Enhance your weapon.
- The soul crystal resonates: Make sure you have only one crystal in your inventory.
- The soul crystal was not able to absorb a soul: You did all right but no luck - try again, the crystal stays.
- The soul crystal succeeded in absorbing a soul: Hooray! You did it - you leveled up the crystal by 1 level. It will be replaced with a higher stage crystal (note, the crystal will be removed from quick bar).
- The soul crystal shatters: You did all right but no luck - the crystal is destroyed and all is lost. Get a new crystal in order to continue.
- The soul crystal is refusing to absorb a soul: The monster level is too low, move to higher mobs.

Leveling a crystal to stages 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15

- It can be leveled only on several Raid Bosses (see table above).
- The whole party can level up it's crystals at the same time. No need to use it on raid or do anything else. Only make sure there is one soul crystal stage 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15 in your inventory, and your party does the last hit. Thus way you can level up 9 crystals.
- The crystal can never break.