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Recipes - Recipe: Metal Hardener (100%)

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Recipe: Metal Hardener (level 4, quantity 1, rate 100%, MP 40

Ingredient in:
  Akat Long Bow (102) (Recipe: Akat Long Bow)
  Battle Axe (60) (Recipe: Battle Axe)
  Bec de Corbin (65) (Recipe: Bec de Corbin)
  Berserker Blade (172) (Recipe: Berserker Blade(100%))
  Big Hammer (60) (Recipe: Big Hammer)
  Blessed Branch (162) (Recipe: Blessed Branch)
  Body Slasher (50) (Recipe: Body Slasher)
  Caliburs (100) (Recipe: Caliburs)
  Candle of Wisdom (162) (Recipe: Candle of Wisdom)
  Cerberus Eye (162) (Recipe: Cerberus Eye)
  Chakram (60) (Recipe: Chakram)
  Claws of Black Dragon (162) (Recipe: Claws of Black Dragon)
  Club of Nature (111) (Recipe: Club of Nature)
  Crystal Dagger (152) (Recipe: Crystal Dagger)
  Crystal Staff (60) (Recipe: Crystal Staff)
  Crystallized Ice Bow (54) (Recipe: Crystallized Ice Bow)
  Cursed Dagger (50) (Recipe: Cursed Dagger)
  Cursed Staff (78) (Recipe: Cursed Staff)
  Dark Elven Dagger (50) (Recipe: Dark Elven Dagger)
  Dark Screamer (100) (Recipe: Dark Screamer)
  Deadman's Staff (162) (Recipe: Deadman's Staff)
  Demon's Staff (162) (Recipe: Demon's Staff)
  Dwarven Hammer (130) (Recipe: Dwarven Hammer (100%))
  Dwarven War Hammer (76) (Recipe: Dwarven War Hammer)
  Ecliptic Axe (160) (Recipe: Ecliptic Axe (100%))
  Ecliptic Sword (152) (Recipe: Ecliptic Sword (100%))
  Elemental Bow (72) (Recipe: Elemental Bow)
  Eminence Bow (144) (Recipe: Eminence Bow)
  Fisted Blade (108) (Recipe: Fisted Blade)
  Flamberge (48) (Recipe: Flamberge)
  Ghoul's Staff (162) (Recipe: Ghoul's Staff)
  Grace Dagger (100) (Recipe: Grace Dagger)
  Great Pata (160) (Recipe: Great Pata)
  Heathen's Book (111) (Recipe: Heathen's Book)
  Heavy Doom Axe (50) (Recipe: Heavy Doom Axe)
  Heavy Doom Hammer (50) (Recipe: Heavy Doom Hammer)
  Hex Doll (111) (Recipe: Hex Doll)
  Homunkulus's Sword (100) (Recipe: Homunkulus's Sword)
  Horn of Glory (78) (Recipe: Horn of Glory)
  Inferno Staff (111) (Recipe: Inferno Staff)
  Karik Horn (90) (Recipe: Karik Horn (100%))
  Katana (66) (Recipe: Katana)
  Mace of the Underworld (108) (Recipe: Mace of the Underworld)
  Mysterious Sword (50) (Recipe: Mysterious Sword (100%))
  Nirvana Axe (108) (Recipe: Nirvana Axe)
  Noble Elven Bow (72) (Recipe: Elven Bow of Nobility)
  Orcish Glaive (50) (Recipe: Orcish Glaive)
  Orcish Poleaxe (130) (Recipe: Orcish Poleaxe)
  Pa'agrian Axe (100) (Recipe: Pa'agrian Axe)
  Pa'agrian Hammer (90) (Recipe: Pa'agrian Hammer)
  Pa'agrian Sword (104) (Recipe: Pa'agrian Sword (100%))
  Paradia Staff (111) (Recipe: Paradia Staff)
  Phoenix Feather (162) (Recipe: Phoenix Feather)
  Poleaxe (90) (Recipe: Poleaxe)
  Raid Sword (66) (Recipe: Raid Sword)
  Sage's Staff (111) (Recipe: Sage's Staff)
  Samurai Longsword (164) (Recipe: Samurai Longsword)
  Scorpion (100) (Recipe: Scorpion)
  Scroll of Destruction (162) (Recipe: Scroll of Destruction)
  Scythe (50) (Recipe: Scythe)
  Shamshir (66) (Recipe: Shamshir)
  Silver Axe (60) (Recipe: Silver Axe)
  Skull Graver (60) (Recipe: Skull Graver)
  Soulfire Dirk (66) (Recipe: Soulfire Dirk)
  Spirit Sword (66) (Recipe: Spirit Sword)
  Stick of Eternity (111) (Recipe: Stick of Eternity)
  Stick of Faith (60) (Recipe: Stick of Faith)
  Stiletto (66) (Recipe: Stiletto)
  Stormbringer (50) (Recipe: Stormbringer)
  Sword of Delusion (100) (Recipe: Sword of Delusion)
  Sword of Limit (100) (Recipe: Sword of Limit)
  Sword of Nightmare (100) (Recipe: Sword of Nightmare)
  Sword of Whispering Death (100) (Recipe: Sword of Whispering Death)
  Tears of Fairy (78) (Recipe: Tears of Fairy)
  Three Eyed Crow's Feather (162) (Recipe: Three Eyed Crow's Feather)
  Tsurugi (100) (Recipe: Tsurugi)
  War Axe (108) (Recipe: War Axe)
  Widow Maker (100) (Recipe: Widow Maker)
  Wolverine Needle (50) (Recipe: Wolverine Needle)
  Yaksa Mace (160) (Recipe: Yaksa Mace)