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Warder - Class Quest

Class Quests

Warder Path of the Warder

Start Level: 19
Start Location: Gludin
NPC: Master Sione
Type:1 Time/ Solo
Rewards: Experiance, SP, and Change of Class
Races: Female Kamaels
Classes: All

1. To start the quest speak with Master Sione at Kamael Guild in Gludin Village.
She tells you, that you must pass the Steelfile exam and sends you to hunt Ol Mahums.

2. Kill the mahums and get the quest items - 10 Ol Mahum Orders and 5 Ol Mahum Organization Charts.When you have all of them return to Master Sione at Kamael Guild in Gludin Village.

3. Sione sents you to Gobie at Gludio. He reads the document and asks you to see Captain Bathis.

4. Captain Bathis is at the North exit of town. When you speak with him he will throw the documents and you have to give them back to Gobie at Gludio

5. Gobie tells you to give the Letter To The Dark Elves Letter To The Dark Elves to Master Tobias in the Dark Elf Guild.

6. Master Tobias takes the documents and gives you Dark Elves' Reply Dark Elves' Reply , take this to Gobie.

7. Gobie gives you Report To Sione Report To Sione to deliver to Sione in Gludin.

8. Deliver the reply to Master Sione at Kamael Guild in Gludin Village.

9. She needs a Tak Soul Crystal. Go with this empty soul crystal and hunt Maille Lizardman Maille Lizardman location on the map . Kill 5-6 lizarmen and quest npc Ol Mahum Officer Tak will apear. Kill him

10. Return to Gobie at Gludio. He will reward you with Steelrazor Evaluation Steelrazor Evaluation . Take this Evaluation Report to any of the Kamael Grand Masters in the kamael huild.

11. The Grand Master changes your class to Warder.
He also rewards you with 15 Weapon Exchange Coupon - D Grade Weapon Exchange Coupon - D Grade