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Trial Of The Scholar - Class Quest

Class Quests

Trial of the Scholar

STEP 1 - Dion Castle Town

1) Quest begins at Dion Castle Town with Magister Mirien located in the temple. You will receive the quest item "Mirien's Mark" [or "emblem" or "insignia", etc].
2) Located in the same temple is the High Priest Silvian. You will receive the quest item "High Priest's Mark".
3) In the Dion magic shop, after meeting with Marya, go to the southern entrance and receive from Guard General Lucas the quest item "Lucas' Mark".
4) Go back to "Marya" again and receive the quest item "Marya's Letter" which tells you to Departed for "Floran Village".

STEP 2 - Floran Village

1) At the east entrance of Floran Village is the Astrologer Creta. You will receive the quest item "Creta's Letter" and will need to go find "Marya" back in Dion Castle Town again.
2) You will receive from Maria the quest item "Lucilla's Handbag"> and have to meet Creta in Floran village again. Creta will give you the quest item Creta's Picture" (icon looks like a scroll of enchant weapon).
3) You have to go back to Marya in Dion another time and receive the quest item "Creta's Letter" (icon looks like a resurrection scroll) and have to go to "Guard General Lucas" (southern entrance of Dion Town). You will then have to go to the area of Oren Castle Town [south of the town, between Iris Lake and Hunters Village] to hunt the monster Leto Lizardman Fighter. After you collect 5 of the quest item "Brown Scroll Piece" you have to return to Maria in Dion.

STEP 3 - Back in Dion Castle Town

1) Receive from Dion Town's "Marya" the quest item "Crystal of Purity"
2) In the temple, receive from the "High Priest Silvain" the quest item "Silvain's Mark".
3) After receiving the quest item "Mirien's Mark" from the "Magister Mirien" standing in front, leave for the Mage's Guild in Giran Town.

STEP 4 - Giran Town

1) In the Giran Town's mage's guild, you need to find the Grand Magister Jurek. You will receive the quest items "Grand Magister's Mark" and "Jurek's List".
You need to hunt the monsters and collect everything Jurek wrote down in the list:

  1. Monster Eye Destroyer (5 skin)
  2. Breka Orc Shaman (5 sorcerer's necklaces)
  3. Shackle (2 head skins)

    Once you have collected all the ingredients written in the list, return to "Grand Magister Jurek" in Giran Town's mage's guild. You will receive the quest item "Jurek's Voucher". You now need ot go to Dion Temple and find the "Magister Mirien" again. Once you meet Mirien, you will told to Go and find Hunters Village's "Sage Cronos".

STEP 5 - Hunter's Town and many other towns [NOTE: A N.A. player has said that before being able to continue at Hunter's Village, one had to level to 36 first.] After finding "Sage Cronos", you will receive the quest item "Sage's Mark" and have to return to the mage's guild in Giran. However, this time at the mage's guild in Giran, you have to find Dieter. You will receive the quest item "Dieter's Key". You will be told you have to return to Floran Village's "Astrologer Creta". After you do that you will recieve the quest items "Dieter's Diary" and "Dieter's Letter" to give to "Dieter". [Return to Giran and give them to Dieter.] Next, the place you have to tarvel to is the weapons shop in Hunters Town to find the shopkeeper Edrok. You will receive the quest item "Raout's Letter Envelope". You then have to go to Gludin Town and give it to Warehouse Keeper Raut.

STEP 6 - Gludin Town After giving the item to Edrok, go to the Gludin Harbor and find the location of Drunken Treaf (look at the location on the picture). You will receive the quest items "Treaf's Ring" and "Scripture ch. 1" ("Scripture" used to be known as "Sacred Book of Knowledge" in this walkthrough). Now you have to go to Giran and find the Warehouse Keeper Valkon. From Balkon you will receive the quest item "Balkon's Written Request". You have to now go to the mage shop in Dion Town to find "Maria" again. She will give you the quest item "Crystal of Purity". Carry this crystal back to Balkon in Giran and you will receive the quest item "Scripture ch. 2". You will have to go behind [north of] Dragon's Valley to hunt the monster Grandis to receive the quest item "Scripture ch. 3".


STEP 7 - Go to Dion and then be sent to the Wasteland If you obtained the scripture, find Blacksmith Poitan in Dion Town and receive the quest item "Poitan's Ledger". Now go get the quest item "Wiseman Casian's Ingredient List" from the Wiseman Casian in Wasteland.

Wiseman Casian

The list is as follows:

10 Ghoul's Skin - from Ghoul)
12 Medusa's Blood
- from Medusa)
5 Fettered Soul's (Bodily) Fluid - from Fettered Soul
5 Enchanted Gargoyle's Claws - from Enchanted Gargoyle

Among these, to find the Strong Gargoyle, to towards the Ivory Tower and you will find them inhabiting the area at the below the Ivory Tower.

Step 8 - If you have collected all of the ingredients, return to Wasteland to find Wiseman Casian. And then you go to Hunters Town to find Sage Cronos (maybe the part to find first Dieter in Giran Mage's Guild can be skipped). You will receive the quest item "Cronos's Voucher". Take this voucher to the Dion Temple's Magister Mirien and then you will receive the final quest item Scholar's Voucher and 45,000 EXP and 5500 SP.

Congratulations, you have completed the Trial of Scholar!