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Trial Of The Pilgrim - Class Quest

Class Quests

Trial of the Pilgrim

Pack some Soulshots and (Blessed) Spiritshots, you will need them.

1.1 Orc Barracks - Hermit Santiago - Can be found at Orc Barracks.

Hermit Santiago - Orc Barracks

Santiago will ask you to visit:
a. Orc Village - Seer Tanapi - Learn about Paagrio.
b. Dwarven Village - Gwari Twinklerock - Learn about Maphr.
c. Giran - Priest Primos - Learn about Einhasad
d. Elven Village - Andellia - Learn about Eva and Shilen. Phew!

Hermit Santiago quest item

1.2 Orc Village - Seer Tanapi - Sends you off to Cave of Trials to meet Ancestor Martankus.

Seer Tanapi

1.3 Cave of Trials - Ancestor Martankus - Martankus is deep inside Cave of Trials. It will ask you to bring an Essence of Flame, head back to Orc Village for now by using an Escape.

Cave of Trials Ancestor Martankus

1.4 Forgotten Temple - Hunt Lava Salamanders until you receive Essence of Flame. Lava Salamanders are deep inside Fire zone.

Forgotten Temple Lava Salamander Essence of Flame

1.5 Cave of Trials - Ancestor Martankus - Earn Heart of Flame.

(missing 2 screenshots)

1.6 Dwarven Village - Gwari Twinklerock - sends you off for errands.

1.7 Dwarven Village - Magister Gerald, Dorf - Earn Grey Badge from Dorf.

1.8 Giran - Priest Primos - Sends you all the way to Talking Island.

Priest Primos

1.9 Talking Island - Priest Petron - Asks you to hunt Nahir - deep inside Elven Ruins.

Priest Petron

1.10 Elven Ruins - Hunt Nahir. It is a Quest Monster in the far end of Elven Ruins, hunt until you earn Hair of Nahir.

Elven Ruins Nahir Hair of Nahir
Map of Elven Ruins.

1.11 Talking Island - Priest Petron - Even more run around! Sends you off to Elven Village.

1.12 Elven Village - Andellia - Sends you off to hunt down Black Willows.


1.13 Neutral Zone - Hunt Black Willow until you earn Debris of Willow...

Neutral Zone Black Willow Debris of Willow

... Take the debris to Uruha, just near where Black Willows spawn. She will exchange the debris with Book of Darkness.

Uruha Book of Darkness

1.14 Elven Village - Andellia - BURN the Book of Darkness, and she will send you to Wiseman Casian.

Elven Village Andellia

1.15 Wastelands - Wiseman Casian - Casian is well hidden in the Wastelands, refer to the map below, search carefully. Listen to what he has to say, then earn Book of Sage.

Wastelands Wiseman Casian

1.16 FINISH - Orc Barracks - Hermit Santiago - Finally! It is all done. Earn Mark of Pilgrim, 31,000XP and 3,700SP.