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Testimony Of Trust - Class Quest

Class Quests

Testimony of Trust

2.1 - Oren - High Priest Hollint - Receive Letters for Elf and Dark Elf.

high priest hollint letter to darkelf letter to elf

2.2 Elven Village - Tetrarch Asterios - Will require trustable action from Humans, so gives you Order of Ozzy and asks you to hunt some bad guys.

Tetarch Asterios

2.3 Elven Village - West and Southwest of Elven Village are various Dryads. Hunt them a few times, and Actea of Verdant Wilds appear, kill to earn Seed of Verdure.

Actea of verdant Wilds seed of Vedure

2.4 Elven Village - Not too far from Dryads are Lireins. Hunt them few times, and Luell of Zephyr Winds appear, kill to earn Breath of Winds.

quest monster breath of winds

2.5 Elven Village - Tetrarch Asterios - Will give you Scroll of Elf Trust.

Hierarch Asterios Scroll of Elf Trust

2.6 Dark Elven Village - Tetrarch Thifiell - Trust between Elves and Humans are thin. Thifiell sends you off to Magister Clayton in Dion.

Tetrarch Thifiell quest item

2.7 Dion - Magister Clayton - Will ask you to hunt Guardian Basilisks, Soldier Ants, Marsh Stakatos to collect materials.

Magister Clayton order of clayton

2.8 Wastelands - Hunt any Red Ants ("Soldier" Ants) to collect 10 Giant Aphid. These ants are also found deep inside of the Ant Nest.

Ant warrior giant aphid

When you collcet 10 Giant Aphids, it automatically turns into Honey Dew.

Honey Dew

2.9 Cruma Marsh - Hunt various Stakatos to collect 10 Stakatos Fluids.

Stakato Soldier Stakatos Fluids

Again, these magically turn into Stakato Ichor.

takato Ichor

2.10 Death Pass - Hunt Guardian Basilisks to collect 10 Blood of Guardian Basilisk.

Guardian Basilisk Blood

Once again, these will magically turn into Basilisk Plasma when you collect 10.

basilisk plasma

2.11 Dion - Magister Clayton - Will send you back to Thifiell.

2.12 Dark Elven Village - Tetrarch Thifiell - Earn Scroll of Darkelf Trust.

Tetrarch ThifiellScroll of Darkelf Trust

2.13 Oren - High Priest Hollint - Will now ask you to seek Seresin to earn the trust of Orcs and Dwarves. Seresin is just outside the Church.

High Priest Hollint Letter

Cardinal Seresin Letter to Orc Letter to Dwarf

2.14 Orc Village - Flame Lord Kakai - Earn Letter to Manakia.

Lord Kakai Letter to Manakia

2.15 Giran - Seer Manakia - Asks you to hunt Windsus.

( missing 2 screenshots)

2.16 Death Pass - Hunt Windsus until you collect 10 Lota's Spirit. Windsus is found East of Death Pass, South of the river that divides Oren and Giran area. Watch out for Fettered Souls, they are double HP, run fast and hit hard!

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2.17 Giran - Seer Manakia - Earn Manakia's Letter.

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2.18 Orc Village - Flame Lord Kakai - Earn Scroll of Orc Trust.

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2.19 Dwarven Village - Iron Gate's Lockirin - Sends you to meet Maestro Nikola near Cruma Tower.

(missing 2 screenshots)

2.20 Cruma Marsh - Maestro Nikola - He is found just Southwest from the Cruma Tower Entrance. He asks you to hunt some Porta inside CT.

Maestro Nikola Order of Nikola

2.21 Cruma Tower Level 1 - Hunt Portas. They have triple HP, so likely you cannot solo them, and usually CT Lvl 1 is packed with people. Try to get some help or ask the groups hunting there to allow you to get the last hit, that works. Collect 10 Heart of Porta.

Porta Heart of Porta

2.22 Cruma Marsh - Maestro Nikola - Thanks you and sends you back to Lockirin.

Maestro Nikola

2.23 Dwarven Village - Iron Gate's Lockirin - Will give you Scroll of Dwarf Trust.

Lockirin Scroll of Dwarf Trust

2.24 Oren - High Priest Hollint - Gives you the Recommendation and tells you to pick up Mark of Trust in Talking Island.

High Priest Hollint Mark of Trust

2.25 FINISH - Talking Island - High Priest Biotin - Finally! Earn Mark of Trust, 32,600XP and 4,000SP.

High Priest Biotin Mark of Trust