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Testimony Of Prosperity - Class Quest

Class Quests

Testimony of Prosperity

Start Level:37
Start Location: Town of Giran
Races: Dwarf
Classes: All
Repeatable: No (Solo)
Rewards: Mark of Prosperity, 12,969 exp, and 1,000 sp

Things you need before starting the quests:

-- 10 x Crystals - D Grade
-- 100 x Animal Skin


1. Giran Castle Town - Warehouse Keeper Parman (Warehouse) = Start Quest #2. Earn: Ring of Testimony1 and 50 dimensional diamonds.

2. Go to Dwarven Village in the Elder Council Building and speak with every dwarf in the room - Filaur, Spiron, Keef, Arin, Balanki.

3. Go to Grocery shop and speak with Trader Mion.

4. Go behind the warehouse and speak with Carrier Torocco.

5. Go to the Weapons and Armor Shop and speak with Trader Shari.

6. Find Maryse Redbonnet Maryse Redbonnet location on the map at north of the town. For her you will need 100 x Animal Skin.

7. Talk to Bolter Bolter location on the map (location)

8. Now you must find Master Toma. Anyone who did Scavenger 1st Class Transfer Quest knows how painful this is. Master Toma spawns in 3 different locations, and disappears every 30min. Earn: Contribution of Toma. Do not leave yet.

Master Toma map

-- Location A = Northeast Coast
-- Location B = North Entrance, Mithril Mines
-- Location C = Inside, Abandoned Coal Mines

9. Go back to town inside the Elder Council and talk again to everyone. Talk to Lockrin last he will ask for 5,000 adena.
Talk to Lockrin again and get the Mark of Wealth.

10. Go to Gludin and go to the Orc Barracks to talk to Piotur Piotur location on the map. You recieve Blessed Seed Blessed Seed from him

11. Talk to Guard Bright Bright location on the map at the East Gate of Dion. Now you need to hunt some mobs

12. Go in EG and hunt

When you collect 20 Mandragora Petal Mandragora Petal you are ready.

13. In Cruma swamp hunt Giant Crimson Ant Giant Crimson Ant location on the map and when you get 10 Crimson Moss Crimson Moss take them to Guard Bright.

Giant Crimson Ants quest item
-- Crimson Moss -from- Giant Crimson Ants

Dion Castle Town - Guard Bright = Earn: Mandragora Bouquet (Disappear: Mandragora Petal, Crimson Moss, Bright's List).

Dion Castle Town - Guard Bright


14. Bright gives you Mandragora Bouquet Mandragora Bouquet . Now you need to speak with Emily just inside the gate. She gives you Mark of Fertility.

15. Go to Talking Island iside the Warehouse. Speak to Warehouse Keeper Wilford and answer An Elf More than 1,000 Years Old.
Then go to the Einhasad Temple.

16. Speak with Lilith and you get Mark of Health.

17. Go back to Parman in Giran. He sends you to Cruma to speak with Nikola Nikola location on the map. Before you go there take 10 D grade crystals. Meet Nikola Nikola location on the map

18. Nikola Nikola location on the map will ask you to make a keyhole copy from Titan's Box inside Cruma Tower. Earn: Clay Dough (Disappear: Parman's Letter).

Maestro Nikola map

The box location is: 1st floor, right room. Turn left in that room. Then don't turn left inside another room, but go straight. When you touch the wall with your nose, trun left. Box will be there.

Click it to Earn: Pattern Of Keyhole Pattern Of Keyhole

box of titan quest item

19. Go back to Nikola Nikola location on the map .Now asks you to hunt various mobs to collect ingredients for Titan Key. Earn: Nikola's List, Recipe: Titan Key (Disappear: Pattern of Keyhole).

Recipe: Titan Key

You need:

To get these you must hunt: (DropRate: 25%)

Toad Lord
-- Toad Lord Sac -from- Toad Lord

Marsh Stakato Stakato Shel

-- Stakato Shell -from- Marsh Stakato / Worker / Soldier/ Drone

Marsh Spider

-- Spider Thorn -from- Marsh Spider

20. When you are ready register the Key of Titan recipe and craft the key. Go back to the box (Cruma Tower 2nd Floor ) and open it. You will find Maphr Tablet Fragment Maphr Tablet Fragment

box of titan Maphr Tablet Fragment

21. FINISH Giran Castle Town - Warehouse Keeper Parman = Finally!

Earn:Mark Of Prosperity Mark Of Prosperity, 31,000XP, 3,800SP (Disappear: Maphr Tablet Fragment).

Mark of Prosperity