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Testimony Of Life - Class Quest

Class Quests

Testmony of Life

To begin the Testimony of Life travel to Dion Castle Town and speak with Master Cardien.

Master Cardien:
The World Tree…Mother of all forests and Elves…The heart of the Elven tribe… Long ago…Thanks to the sacrifice of the very first guardian, the World Tree was reborn in the land filled with dead bodies. She gave the tree life by sacrificing her own, and becoming one with the dying tree.

Until this day her shape remains in the stem of the World Tree. Her noble sacrifice must never be forgotten.

Now once again the tree is dying…

Our tribe’s very existence is at stake. If we are to survive, it will be thanks to the help and sacrifice of young Elves like you. Will you join our struggle?

Select “I will join the struggle.”

Master Cardien:
When you have completed this task and return, I shall present you with the Mark of Life.

Now more than ever we must take the love of nature into our hearts and meditate upon our place in the family of creatures. As our first guardian sacrificed herself, we must sacrifice to overcome this difficulty.

Hierarch Asterios has called the young Elves to gather in the Elven Forest. Your trial has begun. Now you must take this letter to the hierarch in your hometown. May the blessings of starlight guide your way.

Travel to the Elven Village and find Hierarch (Tetrarch) Asterios. Speak with him and tell him that Cardien sent you. Asterios will ask what you have seen and felt in the kingdom of men. Select “I predict their bright future which their wit and courage will bring forth.” You then must select that you will dedicate yourself. Asterios will then begin telling you about the World Tree and how it is dying. You will ask how the World Tree can be saved.

Hierarch Asterios:
Long ago the first guardian sacrificed herself to give life to the World Tree. There are so many fewer Elves now that we cannot afford to lose one if we wanted to, and believe me, we don’t! I hope that I never see anything so horrible again in my life!

Fortunately, we have another way to restore health to the World Tree. We must obtain the Water of Life mentioned in the Giants’ creation story… The sacred water flowed from the fountain of Eva and gave birth to the first living things in the beginning of times…

The Water of Life has flowed through all rivers and streams since, and given life to the earth. But with the great flood it became diluted and contaminated. For thousands of years we thought that the Water of Life was lost to us… We didn’t dare imagine, but now we know that it can still be found, in the tears of the purest being. You must meditate on what I have told you.

Select “I will set off in search of the Water of Life.”

Asterios will now take Cardien’s Letter and reward you with a Moonflower Charm and Hierarch’s Letter. You must now travel to Thalia, located on the eastern part of Iris Lake. She will tell you more about the Water of Life.

Hierarch’s Letter Moonflower Charm


Thalia will begin telling you about the war long ago with the Humans. During the war the Elves used a forbidden magic that now seems to be the reason that the Mother Tree is withering.

How is the Hierarch? I can only imagine his concern for the future of our race… We must do all we can to lighten his burden.

My sisters and I have attempted to revive the dying World Tree, but all our efforts have failed. Still, there is hope.

According to the legend, there is a Water of Life that can cure all diseases and poisons. It is said that the purest form of life, used by the Gods to create all living creatures is contained in that water.

Eva has entrusted this Water of Life to the ‘Guard of Tears’. I don’t know his identity, but your task for the ‘Test of Life’ is to get some of the Water of Life from that person. We must do this in order to survive.

Select “Ask about the Test of Life”

Thalia then tells you that two things must be prepared before acquiring the Water of Life. They are the Grail of Purity and Talin’s Spear. The Grail of Purity is the container for the Water of Life, it will purify anything and is even said to be able to counteract deadly poisons such as belladonna. The Water of Life must be contained in this vessel or it will lose potency.

In the past, we Elves possessed the knowledge to create the holy grail. During the war with Humans the High Artisan Elves who kept the secrets of Mithril and platinum were killed, and the secrets of the grail were lost with them.

Therefore we must have the help of other tribes in order to create the grail.

First of all we need to carefully craft a cup made of pure mithril. ‘Pure Mithril’ is mithril which contains no other elements but itself, and there are only a few Artisans throughout the continent who can make it.

Go to Blacksmith Pushkin of Giran Castle Town. Although he is money-grubbing Dwarf who only thinks of money and jewels, he is an outstanding Artisan who knows the techniques of handling pure Mithril. Take this illustrated book and show it to him. Ask him to make the grail exactly as it appears in the book. He will surely ask a price for that, since he is a Dwarf. Try as much as you can to satisfy his wishes.

I shall be waiting for your return. May the blessings of the starlight be with you.

quest item

Travel to Giran Castle Town and speak with Blacksmith Pushkin. Blacksmith Pushkin will tell you to get 10 Pure Mithril from Guardian Basilisks. They can be found at the corner that connects the towns of Giran and Oren, in the area know as the ‘Death Pass’. He then tells you to collect 20 bottles of Ant Soldier Acid from Ant Soldiers to use in the construction of the Grail. Lastly, you will need 20 Wyrm Talons that he can use to construct a chisel.

Blacksmith Pushkin

Return to Blacksmith Pushkin after you have gathered all the ingredients and ask him to make the Grail for you.

Blacksmith Pushkin:
Clang! Clang! Smash with Maphr’s hammer! Like smashing her window!

Clang! Clang!

Burn it with Paagrio’s flame! Like sweet nothings to my lover!

Clang! Clang! Dip it in Eva’s water! Like drying her tears! Clang! Clang!
Call it with Sylph’s wind! Her laughter in my ears! Clang! Clang!
Bright Mithril, you light up the sky! Like love growing in my heart!
Clang! Clang!

Select “Wait until he finishes.”

Blacksmith Pushkin will then finish crafting the Pure Mithril Cup. Return to Thalia near Iris Lake.

Pure Mithril Cup

Give Thalia the Pure Mithril Cup. She tells you that in order to transfer a Mithril Cup into a Grail of Purity, it must be sprinkled with ‘Stardust’, a silvery powder said to be sprinkled by the spirits of starlight. Only Dark Elves have the skill to gather the ‘Stardust’. She will then instruct you to travel to the Dark Elves Initiation Altar and meet a Shaman named Arkenia. Thalia gives you a letter to deliver to her.


Speak with Arkenia near the Dark Elven Initiation Alter. At first she will seem uncooperative, after some persuasion she will set you on the task of retrieving Anadriel’s Book for her. The book can be found in the Temple of Einhasad in Gludin. If you can produce the book for her she will give you some Stardust. You will then earn Arkenia’s Contract and Arkenia’s Instructions.

quest item

Travel to Gludin Village and speak to Priest Adonius. In order to give you the sacred book you must retrieve the necessary items used in copying the texts. You will need to extract 20 Spider Ichors from the marsh spiders located in the Cruma Marshlands and 20 Harpy’s Down from harpy.

marsh spiders


After collecting the necessary items return to Priest Adonius. Give him the items you have collected, in return he will reward you with Andariel’s Scripture Copy. Now you must take Andariel’s Book to Arkenia. Speak to Arkenia and give her the book, she will then reward you with the promised Stardust.

Return to Thalia near Iris Lake and give her the Stardust. Now you have one of the two materials needed for obtaining the Water of Life. The next item you must collect is the Talin’s Spear.

There is terrible news! Talin’s Spear has been stolen! The lake spirits who were bringing it from Innadril were attacked by lizardmen who massacred them and absconded with the spear.

You must hurry and meet Isael Silvershadow of the Hunter’s Village. He will need assistance finding the spear. We must find Talin’s Spear! Our future lies within it!

Thalia will then give you Thalia’s Letter(2) to be delivered to Isael Silvershadow in Hunter’s Village.


Isael Silvershadow:
It was the Leto Lizardmen who wrested the spear from the lake fairies. It is said that the Shamans and Chiefs of their group broke the spear into many pieces and divided them among themselves. The spear was divided into six pieces: the blade, the shaft, and four jewels that adorned the handle…

These wretched creatures are taking the pieces to the Immortal Plateau to throw them into the lava cave to destroy the spear forever. This hostility is not typical of the lizardmen…I am certain that someone is controlling them.

But the most important matter is the recovery of the spear. My brother, I beseech you. Find the Shamans and Chiefs of the Leto Lizardmen, and recover all the pieces of the spear that they have taken from us. Time is of the essence. May Sayha of the Winds guide your way…

Isael will take Thalia’s Letter and give you Isael’s Instructions in return.

Isael’s Instructions

Once you have collected all of the spear pieces from the Leto Lizardmen Shamans, Chiefs and Overlords return them to Isael Silvershadow. Isael will reassemble the pieces and give you Talin’s Spear to return to Thalia, along with a letter to her.

Talin’s Spear


May the blessings of the starlight be upon you. You have recovered Talin’s Spear! Thank you very much for your trouble.

Now that we have both the Grail of Purity and Talin’s Spear, we can set off in search of the Water of Life. This will bring the utmost sacrifice and the greatest sorrow…

We must pierce Eva’s Unicorn, the guardian of our forest, with Talin’s Spear and collect its tears in the Grail of Purity. That is the ‘Water of Life’ itself. In order to recover the life of the Mother Tree, we must sacrifice the life of Eva’s dearest incarnation, the unicorn…

Do you understand what I have asked of you?

May the Goddess forgive us for what we are about to do…

quest item Unicorn of Eva

When you have killed the Unicorn of Eva, the Grail of Purity will disappear along with Talins Spear. You will then earn the Tears of the Unicorn. Return the Tears of the Unicorn to Thalia. She will take the tears and give you the Water of Life, then direct you to return to Hierarch Asterios in Elven Village.

Water of Life


Hierarch Asterios:
So, I see that you have returned with the Water of Life. Please forgive me, but I neglected to mention before that we must sacrifice Eva’s unicorn. This animal, blessed by the Goddess, our guardian of the forest, must give her life to save our precious World Tree.

This sacrifice, along with this Water of Life will certainly restore health to the World Tree at last…

Now take this amulet and go see Master Cardien of Dion Castle Town. May the splendor of Mithril forever shine on the forest and the lake!

Asterios will take the Water of Life and the Moonflower Charm, he will reward you with the Camomile Charm that he wishes you to deliver to Cardien.

Camomile Charm

Master Cardien:
You have returned! I can tell that you have seen a lot of action in a short time…I see it in your eyes…I also see new wisdom and modesty, touched with a sense of sadness…

Ah, the amulet of chamomile from your hierarch…It tells me that you have done a great service for your tribe…

Now I present you with the Mark of Life. This will be a great help to your future. Always remember the lessons of beauty and harmony you learned from the World Tree. May the peace of Eva be with you always.

Mark of Life