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Testimony Of Fate - Class Quest

Class Quests

Testmony of Fate

Quest begins at Giran Castle Town. You must first find the Dark Elf guild building on the west side of town. Now, begin the quest by talking to Magister Kaira.

In her conversation she basically tells you to go find Monk Metheus who is in the same city, Giran, but by the East exit.

He tells you to go to Execution Ground and find his little sister's remains. To do this you have to hunt the monster Hangman Tree. In the Execution Ground, at the 1st floor entrance there are many on the left. They are aggressive monsters and if you hit one that is standing too close to another, the other one will react, too. Take this back to Metheus.

Once Metheus receives it, he'll want to take revenge and wants to obtain a vile poison. To do so, you have to go find Master Ixia in Dion Castle Town. Ixia will be in Dion's Dark Elf guild building (near the south entrance).

Ixia will tell you to collect 5 ingredients: Medusa's Blood, Marsh Spider's [bodily] fluid, Corpse Pursuer Bat's secretion, Tilunt/Tyrant's [bodily] fluid, Nightshade's root. You must collect 10 of each ingredient. She will tell you that the Corpse Pursuer is at Execution Ground, Tyrant [Tilunt/Tyrant/take your pick] is in the Wasteland region, Nightshade root can be collected from the Staccatos at Cruma Swamp.

1. Go to Wasteland and hunt the Tyrant Kingpin and Tyrant to collect the quest item Tyrant's Sap. Around that area are many aggressive monsters, so be careful.

2. Go towards Cruma swamp and around the area of the giant's (Cruma) tower, you will see the Marsh Stakato, Marsh Stakato Drone, Marsh Stakato Worker . From them you can collect 10 of the Nightshade's Root.

3. In the same area as the Marsh Stakato's, you will see the Marsh Spider. You can collect 10 of the Marsh Spider's fluid from them.

4. Go to Execution Ground to find the Dead Seeker to get the quest item Dead Seeker's Secretion.

5. If you exit Giran through its Eastern entrance and follow the road, a while later you'll be able to see the Amber Basilisk, Turek Bugbear, Harpy, and also the Medusa. The Turek Bugbear and Harpy are aggressive, so be careful and go hunt the Medusa. You will need to collect 10 of the quest item Medusa's Blood.

Once you return to Ixia, she will make the quest item Belladonna and tell you be careful with it since it can even kill a bull with one hit. You will now need to take the Belladonna back to Monk Metheus in Giran.

Metheus will give you the quest item Elder's Skull which you need to take back to Magister Kaira in the Dark Elf guild. Kaira will tell you to go find the elder's descendant Magister Roa. Roa is in the HUman Wizard guild [way to the right of Giran, but you have to go around the temple to the right, go around the corner and cross a bridge to reach it]

On the item there was a mark saying "Gludin Town Warehouse" so now you have to go Gludin Town and talk to Warehouse Keeper Norman.

Norman will give you a book as a quest item. Now you have to return to Kaira. [ NOTE: you may need to be level 38 at this point according to a player. ]

You'll have to go to the Dark Elven Village and find High Tetrarch Thifiell. To the right of the gatekeeper is where the tetrarchs stand [up the stairs].

He will send you off to Sorceress Arkenia. She stands at the Dark Elf Initiation Altar. You can pay the gatekeeper 1,100 adena to be teleported to the "Southern area of the Dark Elf forest" and land around the swampy area closeby.

She will tell you collect the quest item Red Fairy Dust and Ti Mi Riran's Sap. To get the red fairy dust, ou have to talk to a Bloody Pixie and to get the sap you have to talk to a Blight Treant. In the field area surrounding the altar you'll find a few of the pixies and rirans distributed.

Blight Treant will ask you to kill Black Willow Lurker and the bloody pixie tells you it will give you the red fairy dust only if you kill the following: Grandis, Karul Bugbear, Breka Orc Warlord, Leto Lizardman Chief/Warlord They will give you a skeleton.

You can find the black willow lurker between the school of dark arts and the unmarked mountain/waterfall area. You will be able to kill it quickly and safely. You only need to kill one. It looks like an undead tree. You receive Black Willow Leaf. The Blight Treant's request can be completed quickly, but the bloody pixie's takes quite a bit of traveling on foot.

The Breka Orc Warlord can be found in the Giran town area on the right side on the road to Dragon Valley. If you exit out of Giran Castle Town through its south entrance and follow the road and go to the west, you'll see many of them.

Ok, so now you've collected all of the ingredients. ^^ Go back to the Dark Elven region to the initiation altar and talk to Arkenia. From those ingredients she can finally make the red ink.

So now you can go to the High Tetrarch Thifiell to get the final quest item: Fate's Voucher.

Congratulations, you have completed the Test of Fate!