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Test Of The Summoner - Class Quest

Class Quests

Test of the Summoner

To start the quest go to the Gludin Village's magic store and talk to High Summoner Galatea. To complete the quest you will have to confront 6 summoners and challenge them. To challenge each, you need a card. These cards are made by the magic trader located in Dion Castle Town. If you hunt monsters from a list, you can get 2 cards. You will have to repeat this to end up with 6 cards. The list of monsters to hunt is random, but you can throw away the list in the trash can in your inventory and talk to the NPC again to generate a new list until you get one that you like. You have to bring 30 quest items from two of the monters on the list.

After you have collected 6 cards in this way, you can challenge the summoners.
* Their locations are listed below. The order is not important.
* Recommended order: Talking Island -> Wasteland southern area -> Elven Village -> Cruma Tower -> Dion southern area -> Giran northern area.

From each summoner you challenge and defeat you will get a Summoner's Card. The 6 summoners names are as follows:

Talking Island - Elmose
Wasteland southern area - Basilia
Elven Village - Celestial
Cruma Tower - Belters [or Beltuz]
Dion southern area - Camoniel
Giran northern area - Brinshia

Once you've collected 6 summoner's cards, return to Galatea in Gludin and she will give you the final quest item Summoner's Voucher and you will have completed the Judgement of Summoner quest!

Summoner item  quest

Summoner's Voucher

Locations of the 6 summoners
Summoner Elmose: west of the Elven Ruins on Talking Island. Summons Pako the Cat.

quest transfer Summoner Elmose


Summoner Basilia: Right near the Wasteland southern entrance that you can be teleported to. Summons Mimi the Cat.

summoner basilia


Summoner Celestial: a little south of the Underground Fortress. Summons Unicorn Phantasm.

Summoner Celestial


Summoner Beltuz: not too far south-east of Cruma Tower (outside). Summons Shadow Turen

Summoner Camoniel: south and a bit to the east from Floran. Summons Unicorn Racer

Summoner Camoniel


Summoner Brinshia: north-east of Giran, but south of Dragon Valley. Summons Silhouette Tilfo

Summoner Brinshia