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Test Of The Searcher - Class Quest

Class Quests

Test of the Searcher

Race: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Dwarf
Class: Treasure Hunter, Plains Walker, Abyss Walker, Bounty Hunter
Requires Level: 39
Starting Location: Hunter's Village
Starting NPC: Master Luther

The quest begins at the Warrior's guild in Hunter's Village where you need to talk to Master Luther. He will send you to find Captain Alex (was known as Alankel)

1. Alex is the captain/soldier/guard east of Floran Village. Go through the village and he's on the opposite end from Grocer Pano. Talk to him and he will give you an order to carry and will tell you to go talk to Militaman Reirin. Reirin is on the left side of Floran Village, straight west, at the foot of the bridge. If you talk to Reirin, you will have to go hunt Delu Lizardmen Shaman and collect 10 Delu's Totems. Be warned, as killing one of the Shamans may spawn a bodyguard!

2. From Giran Harbor, if you use the north-east road, you'll be able to find 10 Delu Lizardman Shaman to collect 10 totems from. After you have collected the 10 totems, return to Reirin at the bridge west of Floran.

3. This time, when you talk to Reirin, you will have to go hunt down the head of the Delu tribe, Delu Chief Kalkis. Reirin will give you a quest item with this command written on it and tell you to return with proof that you killed Kalkis, Chief Kalkis' Tooth. Kalkis is located in the general area you found the shamans. Once you get the teeth by killing Kalkis, return to Reirin. You'll get a strange map as a quest item and be sent back to Alex.

4. He tells you that his friend Drunkard Boris [aka "Borys"] over at Gludio Castle Town will be able to give you more information. So, you have to now head from the Floran region to Gludio. He is located in the very south-western corner of the city. He is BEHIND the smithy and dark elf guild buildings. You have to go around one or the other of these buildings to find him. However, once you talk to Borys , he sill say that the dark elf shopkeeper Tyra sells a top-grade Malukian grape juice that he wishes to drink and wants you to bring it to him.

5. Tyra can be found in the Dark Elf region to the west of the Initiation Altar to the west of the road. But now Tyra will say she will trade the juice for 10 spore powder sacs. They can be collected from Giant Fungus that spawn in the Sea of Spores. Tyra will give you her plans. When you kill giant fungus at the Sea of Spores they will drop Red Spore Powder

6. When you collect 10 of the quest items, take them to Tyra and you will get the Malukian Grape Juice you can now take back to Boris in Gludio. But this time, Boris will tell you to go to Wasteland to talk to Guard Jax.
Jax can be found by the southern entrance of Wasteland. Jax will give you his diary and ask you to find Solt and Makel's Map and he will pass on his map to you.

7. At Execution Ground, you will need to kill Hanged Man Ripper (Hangman Tree) to collect 4 Makel's Map pieces. Then you will need to go to Death Pass and kill Road Scavenger to collect 4 Solt's Map pieces. After you have completed this task, return to Jax.

8. Jax will finally give you his map. So now you have to return to Alex by Floran Village.

9. If you read what Alex says, he'll tell you to go to the place on the your in-game map that has a red flag marked and come back with gold. If you go to that place on the map you will find a tree. However, if you click on the tree, a window where you can click an option comes up. If you click on it, a wooden chest and a rusted key come out. If you open the box with the key, you will get 20 gold bars/nuggets. Take this gold back to Alex .

10. Alex will give you a letter of recommendation to take back to Master Luther over in Hunter's Village. Back in Hunter's Village, Luther will give you the final quest item Searcher's Voucher.

Congratulations, you have completed the Judgment of Searcher!