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Test Of The Reformer - Class Quest

Class Quests

Test of the Reformer

Before you start: Make sure you learn Wind Strike (if you haven't yet), Disrupt Undead as high as you can, as well as Sleep and Root.
Pack some Soulshots and (Blessed) Spiritshots, you will need them.

3.1 - Giran - Priest Pupina - will ask you to venture to the Execution Grounds and take out some spirits.

Test of the Reformer start quest item

3.2 - Execution Grounds - Hunt Nameless Revenants, they are found under a huge pit on the Northern most side of EG. Make sure to use Disrupt Undead for the kill!

/loc/5099 Nameless Revenants

They will drop Ripped Diary, eventually when you have 7 of these...

Ripped Diary

Aruraune will pop, kill it to earn a Huge Nail.

Aruraune Huge Nail

3.3 Giran - Priest Pupina - Return to Pupina, and she will give you a Letter of Introduction.

Giran - Priest Pupina Letter of Introduction

3.4 Near Wastelands - Preacher Sla - is found SW of Floran. Say "Yes" to whatever she asks

Preacher Sla map Preacher Sla

and she will give you Sla's Letter. You can use an Escape Scroll to Gludio from here.

Sla quest item

3.5 Dark Elven Village - Katari - She is found East of Swamplands.


When you speak to her, an Ol Mahum Inspector and Ol Mahum Pilgrim appear. Pilgrim is the GOOD guy! Quickly kill Inspector, leave the Pilgrim alone and return to Katari.

Katari Ol Mahum Inspector

This time, Ol Mahum Betryer (Betrayer) appears, and runs away! Use Root to hold him down, and kill him.

Katari Dryad root

You earn Letter of Betrayer, speak to Katari again and she will send you back to Sla.

Letter of Betrayer Katari quest item

3.6 Near Wastelands - Preacher Sla - Asks you to visit the 3 Ol'Mahum converts hiding in starter towns, starting with Kakan of Orc Village.

Sla quest item Sla

3.7 Orc Village - Kakan - Can be found some distance from the village, Southeast.

Kakan map

Kakan will ask you to defend against werewolves, only problem is you can only use Wind Strike! Kill Crimsha Werewolf using only Wind Strike and speak to Kakan again.

Kakan Crimsha Werewolf

Kakan tells you where the Dwarven Disciple is, earn Kakan's Letter.

Kakan speak kakan letter

3.8 Dwarven Village - Nyakuri - She is found on the road towards the Abandoned Coal Mines, just east from Dwarven Village.

Speak to her, and a Lizardman will appear and attack the Pilgrim, kill the Lizardman and speak to Nyakuri again.

Nyakuri Nyakuri letter

3.9 - Talking Island - Ramus - Will ask you to hunt some Undead mobs in Elven Ruins.

ramus map Ramus undead list

3.10 Elven Ruins - Hunt Silent Horror, Skeleton Marksman, Skeleton Lord, Misery Skeleton, Skeleton Archer for Five Bone Fragments.

Silent Horror Skeleton Marksman Skeleton Lord Misery Skeleton Skeleton Archer

Almost all of these mobs can be found in the "Library" of Elven Ruins.

quest item bone fragment quest item bone fragment quest item bone fragment quest item bone fragment quest item bone fragment

elven ruins map

Map of Elven Ruins.

3.11 Talking Island - Ramus - Earn Ramus' Letter.

Ramus Ramus' Letter

3.12 FINISH - Near Wastelands - Preacher Sla - Pat yourself on the back for you have finished the quest! Earn Mark of Reformer, 28,000XP and 3,600SP.

Preacher Sla Mark of Reformer