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Test Of Sagittarius - Class Quest

Class Quests

Quest to acquire occupation change item, 'Mark of Sagittarius.' The leader of the Hunters Guild, Bernard, explains about the Test of Sagittarius. It is a test for the best archers, for which you may only apply if you have been approved by the best archer, Sagittarius Hamil. Take Bernard's Recommendation to Hamil in the village of Floran.

Race: Human, Elf, Dark Elf
Class: Hawkeye, Phantom Ranger, Silver Ranger
Requires Level: 39
Starting Location: Hunter's Village
Starting NPC: Union President Bernard
Rewards: Mark of Sagitarius, 54,726 exp and 20,250 sp

1. Quest Starts at Hunter's Village with Hunter Union Leader Bernard. He will give you the quest item Bernard's Introductory Letter. He will tell you to go find Sagittarius Hamil at Floran Village. Hamil is acually slightly out of range of the "village" but still in the area.

Test of Sagittarius Hamil loc

2. Once you find Hamil, he will tell you to go to the Wasteland's south entrance area to find Sir Aron Tanford.

Sir Aron Tanford location

3. If you talk to Sir Aron Tanford , he will say that Brankel went to the Wasteland's Ant Caves and he has lost contact with him. He asks you to go to the And Caves and see what happened. That's what he says, but actually it means you have to go hunt ants. [Any ant in the caves should do.] When you have collected 10 of the quest item First Hunter's Rune, return to Hamil (not Tanford).

Ant Caves

4. After going back to talk to Hamil , he will tell you to find Orc Prefect Vokiyan in Giran Castle Town. Vokiyan will tell you to go kill Breka Orcs [any in the series should be fine.] You need to collect a Snake-shaped Charm. If you kill the Breka Orc Overlord and Shaman, you will get the quest item Second Hunter's Rune. They do not give the above-mentioned snake-shaped charm. HOWEVER, don't leave. Once you collect 10 of the runes, you will get the snake-shaped charm. So take the charm to Vokiyan.

quest info

Breka Orc Shaman

5. To interpret the runes, Vokiyan will send you to Hamil . When you go to Hamil again, he will be surprised that the Demon Kadesh has been revived. But first he makes you go to the Ivory Tower in Oren. On the 3rd floor of the Ivory Tower you can find Magister Gauen. He will make you collect ingredients to build the New Moon's Bow mentioned by Hamil.

6. Each ingredient and where to collect them are listed below.

Manasen's Horn ( Manasen is a gargoyle-looking monster in the open area at the bottom of the ivory tower pillar )
Swamp Spider's Strong spiderweb thread ( around Cruma Tower )
Road Scavenger's Mithril Ring/Link (Death Pass)
Swamp Staccato's Chitin ( around Cruma Tower all Staccato ones are fine )
Swamp Staccato Worker location on the right (circled area is Cruma Tower)

Manasen Road Scavenger
Manasen location on the left (circled area is Ivory Tower area)
Road Scavenger location on the right (circled area is Death Pass)

Swamp Spider Swamp Staccato Worker
Swamp Spider location on the left (circled area is Cruma Tower)
Swamp Staccato Worker location on the right (circled area is Cruma Tower)

7. Once you collect all of the items, Magister Gauen will make and give you the New Moon's Bow. Take this bow and return to Hamil at Floran Village.

New Moon's Bow

8. Hamil will tell you that while hunting Leto Lizardman you can meet the Demon Kadesh. They spawn in the area below Oren and west of Hunter's Village. You need to collect 100 of the quest item Lizardman's Blood.

quest item Lizardman's Blood.

Once you collect 100 of the blood, the demon will appear at random so you may end up collecting anywhere from 100~130 of the blood before he spawns.

9. When killing the Demon Kadesh you MUST use the New Moon's Bow.

Demon Kadesh

10. Once you kill him you can return to Hamil and he will give you the quest item Sagittarius' Voucher.

Congratulations, you have completed the Test of Sagittarius!

Summary of travels:

Hunter's Village (Bernard) >> Floran (Hamil) >> Wasteland south entrance (Sir Aaron Tanpold) >>
Ant Caves >> Floran (Hamil) >> Giran (Vokiyan) >> Below dragon valley (Breka Orc Shaman and Warlord) >>
Giran (Vokiyan) >> Floran (Hamil) >> Ivory Tower 3rd floor (Gauen) >> Ivory Tower area (Manasen) >>
Cruma Tower area (swamp spider) >> Death Pass (road scavenger) >>
Cruma Tower area (Swamp Staccato) >> Ivory Tower 3rd floor (Gauen) >> Floran (Hamil) >>
Oren area (Leto Lizardman) >> Floran (Hamil)