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Test Of Maestro - Class Quest

Class Quests

Test of Maestro

3.1 Dwarven Village - Iron Gate's Lockirin = Start Quest #3.

3.2 Dwarven Village - Black Anvil's Arin = Speak to Arin once more, and Earn: Paint of Teleport Device.

Mark of Maestro Test of Maestro quest item

3.3 Dwarven Land - Master Toma = Speak again and choose "I will help.", and "Press the button." You will suddenly be teleported to somewhere in Dwarven Land with 3 mobs beating down on you! Earn: Broken Teleport Device. Kill mobs, check your map and run back to Toma ASAP.

Master Toma mobs

3.4 Dwarven Land - Master Toma = Speak yet again and he will finally give you the Teleport Device. Earn: Teleport Device(5) (Disappear: Broken Teleport Device).

Dwarven Land - Master Toma Teleport Device

3.5 Dwarven Village - Black Anvil's Arin = Earn: Recommendation of Arin (Disappear: Teleport Device(5)).

quest item

3.6 Dwarven Village - Silver Scale's Balanki = Speak to him, and he points you to Captain Croto.


3.7 Dwarven Village - Captain Croto = Asks you to search for Kamuru. Earn: Paint of Kamuru.

Croto Kamuru

3.8 Orc Land (Cave of Trials) = Enter from West Cave, at the first bridge turn left (North) and follow the trail until you reach the jail. Shift-click Corpse of Kamur inside an open cell, and speak to it. Go through the fake wall in the cell, and eventually you will see Quest Monster Evil Eye Lord. Earn: Necklace of Kamuru.

Corpse of Kamur quest monster quest item

3.9 Dwarven Village - Captain Croto = Earn: Letter of Solder Detachment (Disappear: Necklace of Kamuru, Paint of Kamuru).

Letter of Solder Detachment

3.10 Dwarven Village - Silver Scale's Balanki = Earn: Recommendation of Balanki (Disappear: Letter of Solder Detachment).

Dwarven Village

3.11 Dwarven Village - Gray Pillar's Filaur = Sends you off to Cruma for "research". Earn: Architecture of Kruma.

Cruma quest item

3.12 Cruma Entrance - Researcher Lorain (just left of CT entrance) = Asks you to hunt various mobs first. Earn: Ingredients of Antidote (Disappear: Architecture of Kruma).

Researcher Lorain

3.13 Cruma Marsh = Hunt Stinger Wasp, Marsh Spider, Giant Mist Leech until you collect 10 Stinger Wasp Needle, Marsh Spider Webs, Leech Bloods. (DropRate: 100%)

Marsh Spider Marsh Spider quest item
-- Marsh Spider Webs -from- Marsh Spider

Giant Mist Leech Giant Mist Leech quest item
-- Leech Bloods -from- Giant Mist Leech

Stinger Wasp Stinger Wasp quest item
-- Stinger Wasp Needles -from- Stinger Wasp

3.14 Cruma Entrance - Researcher Lorain = Earn: Report of Kruma (Disappear: Stinger Wasp Needle, Marsh Spider's Web, Blood of Leech). Head to Gludio and teleport to Dwarven Village.

Report of Kruma

3.15 Dwarven Village - Gray Pillar's Filaur = Earn: Recommendation of Filaur (Disappear: Report of Kruma).

dwarf Recommendation of Filaur

3.16 FINISH Dwarven Village - Iron Gate's Lockirin = Give three letters, Earn: Mark of Maestro, 46,000XP, 5,900SP (Disappear: Recommendation of Balanki, Filaur, Arin). One down, two to go!

Mark of Maestro