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Soul Breaker - Class Quest

Class Quests

Certified Soulbreaker

Chaotic Throne 1: The Kamael

Start Level: 39
Start Location: Giran
NPC: Virtus
Type: Solo / 1 time
Rewards: Ability to change class to Soulbreker, Dimension Diamonds, Shadow Weapon Coupons

1. Start the quest by speaking withVitus in Giran. You will recieve 48 Dimensional Diamond Dimensional Diamonds from him.

2. Meet with Kekropus in the Kamael Guild on the Isle of Souls. He needs you to to see Casca for approval.

3. Casca is next to Kekropus. When you speak with him he will send you to meet with Holst in Dion.

4. Speak Holst , he tells you more about the suspicious person.

5. You have to speak with the guards.

  • At the North gate speak with Harlan.
  • At the South gate speak with Lucas
  • At the East gate speak with Xaber
  • At the West gate speak with Liam

6. Go to speak with Jerome in Giran. After that speak with Vesa - next to him.

7. Meet with Meldina in the Kamael Guild in Giran. He was asking when the freight will arrive at Giran pier. Go there and ask Felton about the person.

8. Go to Giran Harbor and ask Felton about the person. He will tell you to go to the shipwreck near the entrance of Devil's Isle.

Click on the cargo box. Guardian Angel will spawn - kill him. Speak with the NPC and he will give you Sealed Document Sealed Document

9. Return to Casca in the Kamael Guild. He sends you to hunt Wyrm Wyrm location on the map in Devil's Pass.

10. When you have 10 Wyrm Heart Wyrm Heart go back to Casca.

Congratulations you completed class transfer and you can change to a Soul Breaker !