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Shillien Oracle - Class Quest

Class Quests

Shillien Oracle

The quest starts by going to Gludio Castle Town and talking to Magister Sidra in the Dark Elf guild. She will ask you if you wish to become a Shillien Oracle and if so, to bring her two books, the Book of Gramiel and the Book of Andariel. She then tells you to go speak with Magister Talbot in Gludin to find out where these books can be located.

Travel to Gludin and talk to Magister Talbot in the Dark Elf Guild. He will then tell you about the book of Gramiel and explain that while the book does not exist, the pages for it can be found and that the blood of Succubi contain the information. He then gives a little history on why the Succubi have this knowledge, but ultimately tells you to go kill 5 Succubi and get the information. He tells you to go kill the Succubi by the entry route to the School of Dark Arts across from the entry area to the initiation alter.

Go to the area where the columns form a road going to the School of Dark Arts. Kill 5 Succubi there (the drop is 100% so you only need to kill 5).
Once you have your 5 letters, return to Gludin and give them to Magister Talbot. Magister Talbot will then create the book of Gramiel for you.
Magister Talbot then tells you that you need to talk to the Priest Adonius for the book of Andariel. Andonius is in the church in Gludin across the plaza from the Dark Elf guild.

Go speak with Priest Adonius, he will initially give you a hard time about Dark Elves not repententing their sins and such, but eventually he gives you the quest if you tell him you've seen the light. Adonius then tells you that he needs to you collect the ashen bones of the fallen to properly put them to rest. He says you can find these ashen bones from the Zombies at the Ruins of Despair. Run back to Gludio and then down to Ruins of Despair.
Kill 10 Soldier Zombies and/or Warrior Zombies. The Zombies are easily killed and slow like their cousins the Swamp Zombies and you can do this solo easily enough, just watch out for Ruin Imp Ribes and the Bats, both are agro and a lot faster than the Zombies.

Once you have collected your 10 ashen bones, return to Gludin and talk to Priest Adonius, he will take the bones from you and give you the book of Andariel. Return to Magister Talbot across the plaza and he will tell you to go talk with Magister Sidra again to turn in the books.

Return to Gludio and talk to Magister Sidra, she will take the books from you and give you the orb of the Abyss. Now, turn in the Orb of the Abyss to the Grandmanster across the room (once you are 20+) and welcome to the Order Shillien Oracle.