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Orc Shaman - Class Quest

Class Quests

Orc Shaman

Note: All locations are in X,Y format and can be seen by typing /loc in chat bar.

1) Talk to Tataru Zu Hestui who is located in the Orc Village standing beside the castle. Click through the dialogue, and he will tell you to kill 3 Mobs.

A) Kasha Bear mobs will eventually yield a Kasha Bear Pelt and can be found pretty much anywhere North/South East on the map

B) The Kasha Blade Spider mobs can be found just South East along the path from the frozen waterfall.

C) The Scarlet Salamander mobs will give you a firey egg and can be found in the first room of the Cave of Trials (Be careful as they tend to bunch up and are social agro)

2) Head back to Tataru Zu Hestui once you obtain all 3 items. He’ll make you a mask and ask you to find the Hestui Totem Spirit. Just run towards the beginner area through the castle and when you get to Bearded keltir area head to your left. The spirit is against a wall Loc ( –494, -109 )

3) After clicking through dialogue the spirit will ask you to return to Tataru Zu Hestui who will in turn send you to Gludin to talk to the Seer Usma.

4) The Seer Usma is located left of the Magic shop in Gludin Village Loc( –803, 153) He will then give you a cauldron filled with blood and tell you to find the Duda-Mara totem spirit.

5) The Duda-Mara totem spirit can be found just north of Gludin at Loc( -861, 136) It will tell you to go kill either Arachnid Trackers or Poison Spiders, Poison Spiders are easy to find South of Gludin. Be careful though as some Arachnids are mixed in and these are agro, but the Poisons are passive. Bring along some antidotes as amazingly enough, they sometimes use a poison attack.

6) After killing average of 15-30 or so, a Durka spirit will spawn and attack you, you need to kill this in order to capture it.

7) Return to the Duda-Mara, hell send you back to the Seer Usma in Gludin Village.

8) Talk to the seer one more time and he’ll give you the mask of Medium

9) Once you’re level 20 talk to the High Prefect Osboin to become a Shaman!