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Orc Raider - Class Quest

Class Quests

Orc Raider

If you enjoy the noise of the battle, the feel of steel in your hand, the war cries of your friends and the dying moans of your enemies - then you were born to become an Orc Raider. Only the bravest and most skilled of the orcs can be honored with such a title. You will have to prove yourself against countless opponents and show to your masters that you are ready to become another in a heralded line of orcish heros.

You must be at least level 19 to begin your test. If you would like to begin - head over to prefect Karukia in the orcish village. She will tell you about the profession and will start you off with the first test.

The first test involves proving your courage to your orcish brothers and sisters. The Prefect will give you a map (unusable item) that will give you the locations of goblins and their leader - the kuruka ratman. You have to ways to do this part of your quest - fast but with less experience and challenge, or the longer way resulting in more SPs you can use later on. You can kill ANY goblins in order to complete the quest. If time is your concern - and it might be a factor - you can use the lowest of goblin grave robbers right outside of the village. You need to kill at least 25-30 goblins before a kuruka ratman leader will come out. You will need to kill 10 ratmen (and get a tooth from each - automatic) to complete this portion of the quest. Once you are finished- bring the teeth back to Prefect Karukia.

The second task will be to prove your loyalty to your people. The Prefect will explain that some of the orcs have defected into the human lands or Gludio region. You will have to find at least 2 of them and bring their heads to Prefect Kasman in the Gludin village. Karukia will give you two reports of random betrayer orcs. You must kill each one just once to get their heads. The betrayers are not very challenging , but some of them do hide out in the areas that might be less then safe for your skill level. But since the danger and challenge is a bonus to an Orc Raider- you will have no problems!

A Orc Betrayer Heitafu - location
B Orc Betrayer Bumbum - location
C Orc Betrayer Picubo - location
D Orc Betrayer Umbar - location
E Orc Betrayer Chewba - location
F Orc Betrayer Zakan - location
G Orc Betrayer Wanuk - location
H Orc Betrayer Chuchu - location
I Orc Betrayer Minsku - location

Orc Raider

Once you have killed the betrayers and got their heads, bring them back to Prefect Kasman in Gludin. He will give you a Raider's token that you can turn to Prefect Osborn to change your title to Raider. Remember- you must be at least level 20 to become a Raider.