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Orc Monk - Class Quest

Class Quests

Orc Monk

The Orc Fighters Quest to Become a Monk

(An important note to accompany this guide : If at ANY point during your quest to obtain the scrolls you use a method of combat other than bare fists or combat weapons (combat weapons in L2 are defined as Cestus, Viper's Claws, Fox Nails, etc.), you will be disqualified from that trophy round and need to start over again. To prevent undue agitation, I suggest not using any weapon save whatever claws you're using at the moment.)

When one wears the badge of a 19th circle fighter-initiate, it is considered an appropriate time for said fighter to take the trials of the Monk. In order to do so, the Orc, who I shall refer to from this point on as the Candidate, must return to his home town of Elmore and visit Gantaki Zu Urutu. Master Gantaki can be found outside of the Weapons and Armor shop in the South Eastern corner of town. Gantaki requests that you bring him what is known as the Fiery Spirit Scroll. This is one of two scrolls you will need to acquire to complete your quest to become a Monk.

In order to procure this scroll for Gantaki, he suggests that you visit Khavatari Rosheek, and this requires a long trek out to the Frozen Waterfall area.

Once you arrive, you will find Master Rosheek out on the ice. He will instruct you to find and kill three specific beasts, and obtain trophies from them. You may start by killing the Kasha Bear that are all around you on the lake. After killing 5 of them, return to Rosheek, and he will give you another purse, with which I urge you to head off the lake and east along the bridge towards the Kasha Blade Spider. Killing 5 Blade Spiders and gathering 5 trophies from them, you must again return to lonely Rosheek again to receive the third and final purse.

Scarlet Salamanders are found exclusively in the Cave of Trials, where all of Orcdom is said to have originated. Be warned that the Cave of Trials (CoT for short) is inhabited by vicious Dark Elf zombies . While in the cave, do not bother to kill Scarlet Salamander Elder, as they are tough to kill, and also will not yield the trophy you seek. Take in the surroundings just long enough to kill 5 regular Scarlet Salamander, and then return to Rosheek for the very last time. Bid him farewell after obtaining your Fiery Scroll, and return to Gantaki Zu Urutu, who you will still find loitering outside of the weapons shop.

Gantaki Zu Urutu will tell you to visit the town of Gludin, and find Prefect Kasman. After using a gatekeeper token , the candidate will find himself at the Village of Gludin. Master Kasman can be found just east of the town's warehouse. He will ask that you bring a Pomegranate to Khavatari Toruku.

Khavatari Toruku resides north of Gludin just before the road forks to the east and west. He joyfully accepts the treat from Kasman, as he has been without food for a number of days and sends you off on another quest for the teeth of various creatures. Killing Vuku Orc Fighters you might as well save for last of the four, and escape back to Gludin. To the SE of Gludin you might notice a patch of windmills, Felim Warriors will be found here scattered through the mills. Kill three of these, and move just past the windmills where you will notice some burned out ruins, and therein several Ratman Hunters or Ratman Warriors. After killing three (or five) of the Ratman Hunters or Ratman Warriors, head due West across the road, and there along the cliffs affronting the ocean, you will find Langk Lizardmen Warrior. At this point you should now have 3 (or 5) trophies from each of the 3 creature-types you have killed thus far.

Now head back to Gludin and back in the direction of Toruku. Just before you arrive at Toruku, recall that you must still kill three Vuku Orc Fighters. Do this, return to Toruku, and receive the second scroll.

Use another scroll of escape, or run back to town to visit Kasman, who will congratulate you for obtaining both scrolls and give you a Khavatari Totem. When you have acquired your badge of the 20th Circle of Power, you may visit High Prefect Osborn who also resides in the town of Gludin right next to Prefect Kasman.

Congratulations Orc Candidate, you are now a Monk! I now urge you to summon me, Fett to your location, where I shall present you with three slaves of your choosing.