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Human Rogue - Class Quest

Class Quests

Human Rogue

This quest starts at Gludin. Once there, make your way to the west entrance, and talk to Captain Bezique, who will give you a letter to deliver.

Take the letter to Neti, whoís on the north half of town. Sheíll give you Netiís Bow and Netiís Dagger. You can only use these two weapons for the entire quest, and they are very weak in my opinion, so you can either suffer through it, or spend a little more money on soulshots.

Head over to the Ruins of Sorrow, and kill Spartoi until you get 10 bones. Killing the skeletons is another option, but they donít drop the bones as often.

Go back to Neti for a Horseshoe of Light.

Go to Captain Bezique who tells you about some stolen items that you need to retrieve. Heíll also give you a Wanted Bill.

Hunt Catís Eye Bandits to retrieve the stolen items, a necklace, tomes, jewelry, and a ring. If you walk to gludio from gludin, youíll see them alongside the road.

Once done, talk to Captain Bezique again, and heíll give you a recommendation. Talk to Grandmaster Ramos, and give him the recommendation. If youíre at least level 20, youíll become a Human Rogue.

gludin town - human rogue quest