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Human Cleric - Class Quest

Class Quests

Path to a Cleric

Starting Level: 19
Starting Location: Gludin Village
Starting NPC: Priest Zigaunt

1. Start by heading to Gludio Castle Town and talk to Trader Simplon in the weapon shop. He will grant you 3 of the 5 books needed.

2. Next, head for the church in Gludio and speak with
Priestess Vivyan to recieve book #4.

3. Speak with Guard Praga located at the west exit. He will give you 'Necklace of Mother'. In order to recieve the final book from Praga, you must help him find his mother's pendant which was stolen by Ruin Zombies. Go to the Ruins of Agony and hunt the Ruin Zombies untill you get the pendant.

4. Return the pendant to Guard Praga and he will grant you the final book.

5. Head back to Gludin Village and give the books to Zigaunt. He will tell you to go to Talking Island and talk to Lionel the author of the 5 books.

6. Once on Talking Island, head for the Obelisk of Victory. Take the west road leading towards Elven Ruins and look north and you will see some ruins on the side of the road.
This is where Lionel is located. Talk to him and you will recieve 'Lionel's Book'.

7. Go to Einhovant's School of Magic and speak to Grand Magister Gallint to recieve the certificate. Take Take the certificate back to Lionel.

8. Lionel will give you Lionel's Covenant which you need to give to Priest Zigaunt back in Gludin Village.

Congratulations, you may now finish the quest to become a Cleric at any time by talking to High Priestess Levian in Gludin once you reach level 20.

Guide by Corellian