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Elven Wizard - Class Quest

Class Quests

Elven Wizard

Elven wizard class change quest

Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to an Elven Wizard. Rosella speaks that only the one who gets the jewels that represent each of the 4 elements may become an Elven Wizard. She hands you the Fertility Peridot, which symbolizes earth, and asks you to find the rest.

1: Talk to Rosella and receive a letter and a Fertility peridot which represents earth. (She is located in the center of town in one of the little houses)

2. Talk to one of the Magisters in elf village and receive a pendant and a quest to go kill Pincer spiders

3. Kill Pincer Spiders and receive 5 red down.

Pincer Spider

Pincer Spider

4. Talk to Rosella and get an Appetizing Apple

5. Speak to Thalia at the south of Elf city near Iris Lake and get Sap of the World tree

Thalia Thalia map location

6. kill dryad Ribes until u get 5 golden leaf

7. Return to Thalia and get pure aquamarine (second jewel)

quest item

8. Speak to Rosellia at Elf city

9. Speak to Norwind at the entrance of elf dungeon and get Lucky Potpourri


quest item

10. Go hunting Sukar Wererat & Sukar Wererat Leaders in the deep of the dungeon. You have to get 2 Amethysts from them.

Sukar Wererat

11. Speak another time to Norwind You have now earned Another gem.

12. Go to elf village and talk to Rosella. All of your gems will disappear, and you will receive an Eternity diamond

Eternity diamond

13. Travel to Gludio and go into the temple at north entrance: speak to High Priest Raymond and you will become an elf wizard