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Elven Oracle - Class Quest

Class Quests

Elven Oracle

Well... this an easy quest. OK here it is:

1. Seek out Priest Manuell in Gludio Castle Town. He will send you to find Allana.

2. Allana is located near a lighthouse on the dock west Gludin. Once you speak to her, she will summon the Lizardman Boss Sub Leader and Lizardman Fighter. Kill them both and talk to Allana again.

3. Allana will send you to Perrin at the North Lighthouse. Perrin will summon a bugbear. After you kill the Bugbear, talk to Perrin again. He will give you money, which you must take to Allana. Allana will tell you that it's too late and instead give you her diary.

4. Take the diary to Manuell and he will give you a Leaf of Oracle. Go to the head priest and you will be able to learn Elven Oracle skills.