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Elven Knight - Class Quest

Class Quests

Path to a Elven Knight

1) Talk to Master Sorius in Gludio

2) She will tell you to go to the Grim Ruins and kill Skeletons and Spartois to collect 20 Topaz Pieces . (Grim Ruins is the Ruins of Agony on the map, follow road out of Gludio and take the north fork in the road to get there)

Raging Spartoi Level 22 Aggressive
Ruin Spartoi Level 21 Passive
Skeleton Scout Level 19 Passive
Tracker Skeleton Level 17 Passive
Tracker Skeleton Leader Level 18 Aggressive

3) Return to Master Sorius

4) She will instruct you to go to Gludin and speak to Blacksmith Kluto .

5) He will request you kill Ol Mahums and collect 20 Gems . (Take the road east out of Gludin that goes to Gludin follow it till you run into Ol Mahums, look for and kill Ol Mahum Novices (agressive)

Ol Mahum Novice Level 17 Passive

6) Return to Blacksmith Kluto in Gludin and speak to him about quest.

7) Go to Gludio to speak to Master Sorius

8) At level 20, speak to Grandmaster Rains in Gludio to become Knight.