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Dwarf Scavenger - Class Quest

Class Quests

Dwarf Scavenger

To begin your quest to become a Scavenger, you must speak with Collector Pipi first. She is the building that is next to the blacksmith's shop. She will give you a letter of introduction to bring to Trader Mion, who is in the magic shop in the South of the village. Mion is Master Toma's sister, and she will let you know how to find her brother.

Dwarf Scavenger Dwarf Scavenger quest item

Mion will ask you to make some deliveries to local area merchants first. She will make you do up to 5 errands for no appearent reason. Once you complete her tasks she will give you a letter to her brother, as well as instructions on how to find him.

Sends you off for one of these errands...

quest item quest item quest item
To Pick up these per errand...

quest item quest item quest item
As you do your fifth errand, NPCs laugh at you even harder... >_<

Dwarf Scavenger quest

Dwarf Scavenger quest

Master Toma likes to wander around Dwarven Island, exploring the area. He can be in one of the three locations:
1) The North entrance of the Mythril mines
2) Bottom of the spiral staircase, coming from the North entrance of the Coal Mines
3) On a small island off the North shore .(Beware of some high level lizardmen around that area)

Master Toma map

Once you find Master Toma, he will ask you to bring him some honey from Honey Bears.

Master Toma will direct you to hunt the bears in the mines, but do not be fooled. Bears like the fresh area and the open fields - they do not live in the mines. In fact the easiest way to find the bears you need is to go back to town, and have the gatekeeper teleport you to the North Shore. It will drop you right at the spot with plenty of bears. The trip costs only 700 adena, but if you are short on cash - just run there.

Master Toma Honey Bear

You will need to kill some (20-30) Hunter Bears first, to see a Honey Bear. You do need to spoil (but do not need to sweep) the Honey Bear to get a Honey Jar. Prepare to spend some time - you will need at least 5 jars to appease Toma's sweet tooth.

Honey Bear Hunter Bear map honey jar

Once you have collected the honey, bring it back to Toma. Remember - he might have moved from the spot you last saw him, so it would make sense to ask around if anyone seen him.

Master Toma will have more tasks for you, this time the challenge will be a tad harder. He will ask you to collect 20 Beads from the Tarantulas. You will need to find Hunter or Plunder Tarantulas, to the E/ NE of the bear region. The Tarantulas should be something you can handle, but it doesn't hurt to bring a friend. You don't have to spoil and sweep the Tarantulas in order to get a Bead, but if you are hunting with a friend, make sure you do damage to the creature. Otherwise you will never get any beads!

master toma tarantula picture

Hunter tarantula quest item

Head back to Master Toma once you have the 20 beads so he can instruct you on your next challenge. This time he will give you a bead parcel to bring to the Warehouse Keeper Raut in the village of Gludin. Get your supplies, including some scrolls of escape and head to Gludin! You are almost finished.

Master Toma quest item

As it usually happens - you will be asked to do more chores, and Raut will ask you to bring a scroll of escape (not usable) to his nephew who ventured into the far reaches of the land in search of sales opportunities. In short - you will have the oppurtunity to travel to the Valley of the Dragons, and find a dwarf to give him the scroll.

Warehouse Keeper Raut scroll of escape

I know it sounds pretty dangerous, but don't fret - you can take a road right to the spot where the dwarf is, and simply avoid the creatures that inhabit the area. You will find Torai, standing by the road in the West edge of the Valley.


Torai will give you a set of Succubus underwear (no, you cannot keep them) to bring back to Raut. Now would be a good time to get yourself to safety, and travel back to Gludin.

quest item torai

Once you bring back the Undies to Raut, he will give you a Ring of the Raven. When you are level 20, give it to Warehouse Chief Moke (in the same Warehouse) in Gludin. Voila! You are now a scavenger. Enjoy exploring and finding new and improved goods and profits!

scavenger scavenger quest item

Warehouse Chief Moke