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Dwarf Artisan - Class Quest

Class Quests

Dwarf Artisan

You made it. It wasn’t easy was it? Well, I am here to guide you through your biggest challenge yet. The path to the Artisan profession.

I would recommend you start this at lvl 19 and just work your way through the level while doing the quest. You can complete it, then class transfer after you hit 20.

Dwarf Artisan

The NPC you need to visit first will be in the Dwarf village, Blacksmith Silvera. She will tell you that to become an Artisan, you must receive recognition from 3 Blacksmiths that have been Artisans for a long time. First, complete this task to receive the first certificate.

1. Talk to Blacksmith Silvera. She will give you Silvery's Ring.

Dwarf village

Hunt Boogle Ratman (lvl 16 passive) to collect 10 Boogle Ratman Tooth and Boogle Ratmen Leaders (lvl 18 passive) to collect 2 Boogle Ratman Leader's Big Tooth. They can be found in the Abandonned Coal Mines.

Boogle Ratman

They are pretty far down in the mine, and you will have to go through some aggro Ore Bats and Opal Beasts. Bring plenty of heal potions and at least 1 escape scroll.

Ore Bat

Give the teeth to Blacksmith Silvery. She will give you the 1st Pass Certificate.

Use the gatekeeper to teleport to Gludin.

2. Talk to Blacksmith Kludo at the smithy in the southwest quadrant of town, and he will give you Kluto's Letter. Make sure you answer the second choice; you are just here to perform a task. You don’t care about his son. If you answer the other way, you may get stuck.

He will tell you that you cannot do the task yet, you must collect some things so he sends you off to Gludio.


3. Go to Gludio and talk to Blacksmith Pinter at the smithy, near the west exit. He takes the letter and gives you "Footprint of Thief." You need to hunt Vuku Orc Fighters (lvl 17 aggressive) until you get a Stolen Secret Box. They should be fairly easy for you.

Vuku Orc Fighter

Give the box and footprint to Blacksmith Pinter, and he will give you the Secret Box2 and 2nd Pass Certificate.

4. Return to Gludin, and give the box and certificates to Blacksmith Kludo. This again, is a multiple choice, tricky part. You need to select the first choice, “You have no idea, what to do with this stuff” option, then Kludo will admit he was just testing your loyalties. He will then reward your efforts with the final letter.

Blacksmith Kludo

10. When you reach level 20, talk to Head Blacksmith Tapoy, back in Gludin to become an Artisan. Congratulations, and welcome to the Black Anvil Guild.