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Dark Elf Assassin - Class Quest

Class Quests

Dark Elven Assassin

The path to Assassin may begin at level 19, but new skills will not be available until you reach level 20. The quest begins in Gludin.


1. Start your quest with Triskel, just outside DE trainers in Gludio Castle Town. He will ask you to speak with Arkenia of Dark Elven Initiation Altar.

Assassin start quest quest item

2. Arkenia will send you off to Guard Leikan at Gludin Harbor Village, North Gate, for information on the stolen Shillien's Tear.

3. Leikan will hand you a note, and ask you to hunt Moonstone Beasts until you collect 10 Moonstone Molars. Moonstone Beasts are found near Dark Elven Initiation Altar as well as Neutral Zone.

4. When you return to Leikan, he tells you that Calpico the Orc has stolen Shilen's Tear. Calpico and his minions are found just NW from SoDA.


5. Kill Calpico, earn Shilen's Tear, and run down to Dark Elven Initiation Altar and speak with Arkenia.

Shilen's Tear

6. Arkenia will hand you Arkenia's Recommendation, now return to Triskel at Gludio.


7. All you have do now is to speak to a Grandmaster at Level 20 to become Assassin!

finish quest

become Assassin