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Arbalester - Class Quest

Class Quests

Certified Arbalester

Level 40 Profession Change Guides

Start Level: 39
Start Location: Dion
NPC: Rindy
Type: Solo / 1 time
Rewards:Ability to change class to Arbalester, Dimension Diamonds, Shadow Weapon Coupons

1. Start the quest by speaking with Master Rindy at the Kamael Guild in Dion. You will recieve 65 Dimensional Diamond Dimensional Diamonds from her.

2. Meet with Clayton in the Dark Elf Giuld

3. Clayton sends you to collect 30 grudge crystals in Floran.

To get the crystals you have to hunt the following mobs:

4. When you are ready go back to Clayton in Dion, He sends you over to Blacksmith Poitan (still in Dion).

5. Poitan sends you to the warehouse to talk to Holvas

6. Speak with Holvas, he will send you to collect 30 quest items - Manuscript Page Manuscript Page pages from the mobs in the Execution Grounds.

Hunt the following mobs:

7. Return to Holvas with the quest items. He gives you an Encoded Page On The Ancient Race Encoded Page On The Ancient Race and asks you to take it to Grand Master Meldina in Girans Kamael Guild.

8. Meldina gives you Kamael Inquisitor Trainee Mark Kamael Inquisitor Trainee Mark

9. Talk to Selsia at the Kamael Guild in Hunters Village. When asked what you think happened choose the third answer.
She asks you to hunt Grandis Grandis location on the map at the Death Pass .

10. The drop rate of the quest item is 100% so you will get it easy. After you collect 10 Fragment Of Attack Orders Fragment Of Attack Orders take them to Magister Gaius Gaius location on the map in the Ivory Tower. He is on the Human Wizard Floor.

11. Magister Galios needs a document and sends you to hunt Manashen Gargoyle Manashen Gargoyle location on the map in order to get Manashen's Talisman Manashen's Talisman

12. After you get 10 Manashen's Talisman Manashen's Talisman you have to speak with Magister Gauen inside the Ivory Tower

13. Magister Gauen is at the Elf Wizard floor. He asks you to find Kaiena.

14. Go to Dark Wizard Floor now. Kaiena says that he is busy and sends you to speak with Selsia at the Kamael Guild in Hunters Village

15. Selsia needs you to get her giants documents. You have to kill Crimson Queen, when you hunt some of the following the Crimson Lady will spawn:

When she spawns kill her too.

16. Return to Selsia at the Kamael Guild in Hunters Village and she will reward you with Kamael Inquisitor Mark Kamael Inquisitor Mark

When you are level 40 talk to a Grand Magister at the Kamael Guild to change your class to Arbalester.

Congratulations you completed class transfer and you can change to a Arbalester !