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Yoke Of The Past - Quest

Yoke of the Past

NPC :Ziggurat Gate Keeper

Location: Entrance to every catacomb/necropolis

Reward: Ancient Scrolls

-(u exchange ancient scrolls back to gatekeeper Ziggurat for "BLANK SCROLLS", which will be used for items & services from Blackmarket trader Mammon.)

(Seal Stones will also drop during your hunts which will also be needed when dealing with Mammon. Seal Stones are Blue, Green, and Red- with red being the best color-and are exchangable for Ancient Adena OR they can be entrusted to the priests in town to add points to your Cabal Dawn/Dusk alliance OR they can be used to enter the Festival of Darkness competition which is an entirely different post topic, but you basically team up and fight mobs in an arena and try to get the day's top score to win your Cabal more points and special Seal rewards. Official Dawn/Dusk Info)

Quest Info: The Ziggurat Gate Keeper is an ancient gate keeper responsible for 8 Necropolis and 6 Catacombs. He was once human, but his soul was sealed by an ancient magic, and he must endure hardships watching the Underground Temple. He asks you to find the Ancient Scroll he needs to dissolve the Seal. Can his hope be realized? Why is the Trader of Mammon collecting empty scrolls...?

A quest that adventurers of all levels 20~75 can undertake. The blank scrolls acquired as rewards for this quest are used when you deal with the "Trader of Mammon".

TRADER MAMMON: (rewards)
(i have summarized other forum posts here, so ty for the original posters. TY to camille and other great posters.)

ITEM NAME = Ancient Adena + Blank Scrolls
Scroll: Enchant Armor Grade A =480,000 AA + 480 BS
Scroll: Enchant Armor Grade B =160,000 AA + 160 BS
Scroll: Enchant Armor Grade C =30, 000 AA + 30 BS
Scroll: Enchant Armor Grade D =12,000 AA + 12 BS
Scroll: Enchant Weapon Grade D =100;000 AA + 100 BS
Gemstone A x 1 =30,000 AA + 0 BS
Gemstone A x 10 =300, 000 AA
Gemstone A x 100 =3;000,000 AA
Crystal: A Grade x 1 =21;000 AA
Crystal: A Grade x 10 =210,000 AA
Crystal: A Grade x 100 =2,100,000 AA
Blessed Scroll of Escape =150,000 AA
ANY +1/-1 Dye =42,000 AA
ANY +1/-1 Dye of High Degree =60,000 AA
ANY +2/-2 Dye of High Degree =72,000 AA
ANY +3/-3 Dye of High Degree =108,000 AA
ANY +4/-4 Dye of High Degree =174,000 AA

TRADER MAMMON: (services):
1) Manufacture an A-Grade Duel Sword
Prices are as follows:

ITEM = Items Required + Dual Craft Stamp + Ancient Adena
Dual Keshenberk =2x Keshenberk +1 stamp +1,953,000 AA
Dual Kash/Dama =1x Keshenberk +1 stamp +3,989,000 AA
........................ & 1x Damascus
Dual Damascus =2x Damascus +1 stamp +2,310,000 AA

2) Bestow special A-Grade Weapon Special Ability
1x lvl 11/12 SA crystal + weapon, + (for low A-grade) 147 A-gemstone


3) Release A-Grade Armor Set
For low A-grade, costs approx 700k AA to do the entire set. Unlike B-grade, u must unseal all parts of the armor and select the type or set ie. heavy or light. Helmet, boots, gloves and the armor itself.

4) Upgrade a Weapon
This will let u exchange a weapon + aa for a weapon of 1 lvl higher
NOTES: SAs will NOT transfer, and neither will enchantments. So that +11 sword will be a +0 axe...
Scorpion + 1.65 million AA = Orcish Poleaxe

5) Make an Even Exchange of Weapons
This will let you exchange one weapon for another of the same lvl.
NOTES: SAs will NOT transfer, HOWEVER, enchantments DO transfer with the exchange!
Scorpion = Widowmaker = Paagrio Axe