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Whisper Of Dreams 1 - Quest

Whisper of Dreams, Part 1
Start lvl:
Starting Location: Giran Castle Town, Orc Guild
NPC: Seer Manakia
Type: Party / Repeatable
Reward: A grade robe fabrics (choosable)

~ Special 10x fr this quest to hasan2 ~

1. Start the quest by talking to Seer Manakia in the Orc Guild in Giran Castle Town.

2. He will tell you to go to the entrance of the Lair of Antharas and hunt

Collect 65 Death Wave Light Death Wave Lights from Death Waves and 65 Cave Beast Tooth Cave Beast Teeth from Cave Beasts.

3. When you collect 65 from each take them back to Seer Manakia and he will let you choose your reward.

You can choose between Sealed Dark Crystal, Majestic, Nightmare and Tallum Robe fabrics.

NOTE: When you are hunting the Death Waves and Cave Beasts you may get an item named Sealed Mysterious Stone Sealed Mysterious Stone. This is the item needed to advance to the 2nd of this quest. However getting this stone is not an easy thing. You might need to finish this quest several times in order to take the stone. It is a theme of luck. If you take this stone do the following:

1 - Collect the 65 items from the Death Waves and Cave Beasts and take them back to Seer Manakia.
2 - He will tell you to take them to Torai Torai location on the map, to a dwarf in Death Pass. Take it to him and you will earn a Mysterious Stone Mysterious Stone.
3 - Take the Mysterious Stone to Seer Manakia and now you can advance to the 2nd part of this quest.