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The Wishing Potion - Quest

The Wishing Potion

Start Level :35
Start Location: Ivory Tower
Type: Rewards, Repeatable, Solo
Races: All
Classes: All

1. Quest can be taken from alchemist Matild. She lives in a little house western of ivory tower. You can just port form OREN to the SEA OF SPORES and go north.

The Wishing Potion

2. Speak with Matild and she will send you on an errand to kill the Secret Keeper Tree. The Secret Keeper Tree can be found in Cruma Swamp near the southwest corner.

Secret Keeper Tree

3. Once you have located the Secret Keeper you must kill him in order to earn the Secret Book of Potion that Matild has requested.

4. Return the Secret Book of Potion to Matild. (Please note that the first 4 steps only have to be done 1 time. Any repeating of the quest will begin with step 5.)

Alchemist Matild:
You have brought me the secret book! Uhhh… Oh, I'm very sorry. While you were away, you see, someone brought some precious ingredients and I spent my last adena purchasing them.

Hmm… How about this? The recipe for making wish potion is written in the secret book that you have brought! I obtained most of the ingredients with this last purchase but there are still a few things I will need. If you could bring me those, I'll make wish potion for you that will grant all of your wishes! How about it? What a deal, huh?

Select "I will find the ingredients."

Alchemist Matild:
Are you so ignorant as to think that Dwarves cannot use magic? I have sought the secrets of Alchemy from my youth, and even studied at the Ivory Tower for a time… I was forced to leave school due to unforeseen circumstances… Even though I had to withdraw before completing my studies, I was a very diligent student.

Select "Quest".

Alchemist Matild:
All right! It's a deal! Now, here is the ingredient list. Please go and find these things… And hurry!

5. You will now have earned two Potion Recipes. Each of these recipes contains 4 ingredients that Matild needs in order to make the potion. Remember you only need one of each item.

6. Now you must set out to find the following ingredients in Recipe 1:

* Amber Scale - Earned from Amber Basilisks located east of Giran near Giran Castle.

Amber Basilisk

* Bugbear Blood - Earned from Turek Bugbears / Turek Bugbear Warriors located east of Giran near Giran Castle Town. (Same area as the Amber Basilisk.)

Turek Bugbear

* Wind Soulstone - Earned from Whispering Winds located west and north of Orc Barracks.

Whispering Wind

* Glass Eye - Earned from Glass Jaguars south of Floran to the west of Giran.

Glass Jaguar

As well as Recipe 2:

* Silenos Horn - Earned from Silenos located south and southwest of Giran.


* Ant Soldier Aphid - Earned from Ant Soldiers and Ant Warrior Captains located in the Wastelands.

Ant Soldier

* Tyrant Chitlin - Earned from Tyrants located in the Wastelands.


* Horror Ectoplasm - Earned from Horror Mist Rippers located around the Cruma Swamps.

Horror Mist Ripper

**Keep in mind that the items may be found in any order.**

7. Once you have one of each item on the Recipes return to Alchemist Matild. Matild will take the ingredients and give you Matild's Orb.

8. She will then process all the ingredients you brought her and make them into the Wishing Potion.

9. The quest has many possible rewards which can include:


Wish For Wealth
10,000 adena
1-100 million adena
A spawn of 3 Grimas that could drop a gold bar worth 5000 adena each.

* Wish For Wisdom

Spellbook: seed of water
Spellbook: seed of fire
Spellbook: seed of wind
Amulet: Heart of Paagrio
Wisdom Chest

* Wish To Be A King

Certificate of Royalty Worth 500 adena
Ancient Crown
Chance of a Demon Drop (ie: Gloves / Boots / Hose / Tunic )

* Wish To Be Loving

Scroll of Escape or Necklace of Grace from Fairy Rupina.
Scroll of Forbidden possibly dropped from 3 Succubus' of Seduction.
Love which Dwarf Torai in Death Pass will buy for 500 adena.

For the Amulet : Heart of Paagrio u must wish for WISDOM


~ Special thanks to Paagrio the best OL i know for the quest :)