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Temple Missionary - Quest

Temple Missionary
Start lvl:
Location: Town of Dion
NPC: Grand Master Oltlin
Type: One Time Only / Party
Rewards: 15,100 adena, and 30k exp and 2k sp

This is the second quest. First make quest Temple Executor

1. To start the quest speak with Priestess Glyvka in Dion Temple. She sends you to Spellbook Seller Rouke who is in the back of the Temple.

2. Rouke sends you to hunt mobs in order to collect Giants Tools

Get as many as you want. Minimum is 30 , They can break so don't get more then 50.

4. Bring the quest items to Rouke and he gives you Giants Tools. He sends you again to hunt the same mobs you did already.

5. Go back to the mosb and this time quest mob Cruma Marshlands Traitor will spawn . Kill her and you will get. to get Giants' Technology Report Giants' Technology Report . You need 3 Giants' Technology Reports

6. Go back to Rouke again in Dion Temple, he gives you his report and sends you back to Glyvka.

7. Glyvka rewards you with Badge - Temple Missionary Badge - Temple Missionary , 15,100 adena, 30k exp and 2k sp.

If you are too high lvl for the quest you only get adena.