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Sorrowful Sound Of Flute - Quest

Dark Elf Nanarin sets her eye on the desirable beard of Dwarf Barbado and wants to make friends but canít talk to Barbado directly. Become the messenger of love and communicate the love of Nanarin to Barbado.

Level 15
Start Location Dion Castle Town
Start Npc Musician Nanarin
Races All
Classes All
Repeatable Yes (Solo)
Rewards Musical Score - Theme Of Solitude

Quest Guide

1. Talk to Muscian Nanarin behind some buildings in West Dion.

2. Talk to Blacksmith Poitan and Head Blacksmith Opix in the Blacksmith Shop at the north gate of Dion.

3. Speak to Warehouse Keeper Holvas, Warehouse Chief Ranspo, and Warehouse Keeper Aldo in the Warehouse.

4. Return to Nanarin. He presents you with a list of options. Choose "He would like to have a flute."

5. Take the Flute to Musician Barbado in the east entrance way in Dion.

6. Return to Nanarin.

The reward is a Musical Score - Theme Of Solitude.