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Seductive Whispers - Quest

Seductive Whispers

Start Level: 50
Start Location: Town of Aden
Type: Rewards, Repeatable, Party
Adena, armor/weapon scrolls, 60% B weapon receipes
Races: All
Classes: All

To start the quest speak with Blacksmith Wilbert in the Blacksmith Shop in Aden.

Hunt any of those mobs to obtain Spirit Beads

In The Cemetery

In the Acient Battlegrounds:

In the Field of Massacre:

He also lists the rewards so you know right away what you'd looking at.

Seductive Whispers

When you get 50 Spirit Beads go back to Wilbert to play a game with him. If you win, you can take the reward for the round or continue to play, but if you loose you get nothing.