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Rise And Fall Of The Elroki Tribe - Quest

Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe
Start lvl:
Location: Primeval Isle - Wharf
NPC: SingSing
Type:Repeatable /  Party
Rewards: Random top A grade blades/staves/heads

1. Start this quest by talking to Singsing Singsing location on the map .

2. He asks you to collect bones for shaman Karakawei, and he will pay you for bringing him the bones on behalf of Karakawei. He sends you to hunt :

3. You can choose to return with any number quest items to of to Singsing Singsing location on the map . and get adena for reward ( 1374a per quest item)

4. Or you can go to find the Island Shaman alone and offer 300 bones to Karakawei Karakawei location on the map To go to him you should speak with Orahochin Orahochin location on the map who teleports you to the Elroki Island.

5. After Karakawei recieves 300 bones from you, he gives you a random 5 Top A-Grade blades / staves / heads.