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Repent Your Sins - Quest

Repent Your Sins
Start lvl:
NPC: Black Judge Black Judge location on the map
Type: Solo / reapeatable
Rewards: Decreases PK counter random from 1 to 10.

(special 10x to Mystiq for this quest)

1. After the talk with Black Judge Black Judge location on the map we have to go to Magister Joan in Ivory Tower.

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2. She will say, that we need 3 Trisalim Tarantula's Venom Sac Trisalim Tarantula's Venom Sac which we can get killing Trisalim Tarantula Trisalim Tarantula location on the map in Sea of Spores.
(watch out for RB that spawns there).

3. After getting them go back to Magister Joan.

4. Then to Black Judge. He will tell us to get one Blacksmith's Frame Blacksmith's Frame, 5 Steel Steel, 2 Adamantite Nugget Adamantite Nugget, 10 Silver Nugget Silver Nugget and 10 Cokes Cokes.

5. After getting it we have to go to Blacksmith Pushnik in Giran. He will gave us Penitent's Manacles Penitent's Manacles which is a summon.

6. Go back to Black Judge Black Judge location on the map. He will tell you that if u want to pay back for your sins, you will have to lvl up this summon. Sin Eater (thats the summon name) will eat 100% of our exp, but we have to only lvl up for 1lvl.  Sin Eater is same lvl as you and you must feed it with wolf food.

7. When summon lvls up, go to Black Judge and he will decrease one to ten of ur pk points (there are rumors, that this number might be higher).
Leveling is very fast. If you want to get rid of another points, you don't need to start quest from the beginning. Just go to Black Judge and lvl up sin Eater again.


Note: Don't change ur subclass while making this quest or you will have to make it again from beginning.